VPN Leak Tests (Test your VPN in seconds – Works without JS)

This custom VPN leak, that only appears on DarkWebNews.com, will test your device to check if it is leaking your real information via DNS, IPV6 or WEBRTC. These are services and protocols that are used to transmit data over the internt.

If your VPN is leaking, then what you send over the VPN might be encrypted BUT details about the network you are using can be seen (leaked), which can be traced back to your physical location.

This means your privacy is comprimised as you are vulnerable of having your real identity and location know to others looking in. Those looking in could be government, hackers or law enforcement.

If you value your privacy you need to make sure you do every possible step to protect it by using the right technology and regularly checking that it works properly.

Two of the three tests (IPV6 & DNS) work without JS (JavaScript). According to our information, this is the only test online that works without JS.

This means that TOR users, who have disabled scripts, should be able to see results from the two tests. WebRTC test only works with JS enabled.

How to use our custom DNS Leak Test:

  1. Run the above test without using a VPN.
  2. Turn on your VPN. (Find one here)
  3. Open a new browswer window and come back to this page.
  4. Run the above test again in the new window.
  5. Compare the two results.

If your real information from step one (without a VPN) shows up in tests from step 4 (with a VPN) then your real information is leaking and you privacy is vulnerable. Anyone looking in on you can tell your location. You need a better VPN.

You can find the best VPN’s for privacy here.

For the best privacy and anonymity use TOR with VPN. Our VPN guide is here and TOR guide is here.



  1. Anonymous

    Thanks! Makes me feel better!

    • Anonymous

      same here

    • Anonymous

      Thank you….. you are awesome guys.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for this, NO leak detected.

    • Anonymous

      so much delighted to seeing everyone

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  3. Anonymous

    Good test!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m using an Android Google Nexus 10.Because I’m using a tablet.Is my tablet more prone to attack than a PC?

    • Anonymous

      Yes and no it really depends on the software used on the device generally no

    • Anonymous

      Any device that can connect to the Internet is susceptible to an external threat, to varying degrees. The old adage says that “if you build a better mouse then someone will come along and build a better mouse trap.”

  5. Anonymous

    Success. Brilliant. Thank you. Reassuring.

  6. Anonymous

    This test is not working.. I have no proxy or vpn and my ip address is incorrect.. so is this a honey pot for numnuts?

    • Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    Many Thanks!

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you,dont trust the government 🤔🤔

    • Anonymous

      Neither do they…

  9. Anonymous

    THANK you!!! Like the above respondent, makes ME feel better also! Thanks again, God bless!


  10. Anonymous

    no prob

  11. Anonymous

    Good stuff guys.

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  13. Anonymous

    As with NUMB NUTTS, ..I have ZERO ïpv’s”,… have uninstalled 3 separate IPV’s, in last 4 mo’s, tunnelblick MAY/ might not be completely gone, tor’s still w/ me somewhere, -w/out signing in, I ONLY search.. w/ duckduck, NEVER –EVER had, or –EVER will have– ANY ‘social media’ on this OSX,. I erase my ‘history’.., ( and check to make sure..) EVERY..single time– I leave more than a few sites, AND before closing this ridiculous thing- And, IT’s STILL showing I’m “LEAKPROOF”..????? WHAAAAAT ?? If, IF theres’ a REAL pooter engineer– in da’ hse., PLEASE COME FORWARD with an algorithmic, or laymens ..termed EXPLANATION OF HOW THESE PEOPLE ARE Leading all these horseees to agua, AND makin’ ém DRINK ??, Cause I dropped..” Priv. Intern. Access”( P.I.A.).. because of their overhaul switch to “deskpro” ( a REAL woof.. in sheeps’ t-shirts) from ‘zendesk’, ( a Co. who I feel IS dedicated to ANOYMOUSASPOSS. tech, & browsering.. A CALL OUT TO ANY ethically balanced, silicon -based PRO ( ‘geniuses’ NOT incl…) WHO can give a detailed RUNDOWN of an honest Nature, How, What, WHY, & Whatever this …site IS. ( battery–as writing–this.. goes from 34% to — 0 ) Um, well. ? ?

    • Anonymous

      July 8, 2018

      Test from Halifax, eastern Canada

      [0] Actual network data
      DNS 1, (from ISP) so varies across load balancer
      DNS 2 (from google);
      DNS 3 (from google)

      [1] Test 1 – NO VPN, Chrome on linux with ublock origin turned off.
      = Test claims (DNS Test Result; Google; Rockville; United States; America/New York)

      [2] Test 2 TOR browser through route
      This Browser
      USA ( – look here for info http://ipaddress.is/

      my exit node shows on a list of high risk addresses – https://www.maxmind.com/en/high-risk-ip-sample-list

      This is why ScienceDaily.com would not accept a connection from TOR which eventually led me here

      This leak test seems bogus to me unless my ISP is doing something amazing and unexpected.

  14. Anonymous

    Thank you

  15. Anonymous

    great test thanks so much!

  16. Anonymous

    Wow great I’m feeling safe so lemme hire 1 hitman now 😂

  17. Anonymous

    1 step right

  18. Anonymous

    The test iis bogus. Run it without the vpn on & see what it says!

  19. Anonymous

    This is great thanks for putting it up

  20. Anonymous

    Stuck at 70% i refresh the page and the same again.

    • Admin


      • Anonymous

        Not really…

  21. Anonymous

    I`m not over VPN, just Tor and dinamic address !

  22. Anonymous

    respon admin

  23. Anonymous

    So fresh so clean

  24. Anonymous

    Better off not writing anything………

  25. Anonymous

    not any leak

  26. Anonymous

    Thank u

  27. Anonymous
    DNS Test Result
    This is my result why do i have a leak?

    • Anonymous

      You have a leak because you are still using your ISP DNS server which can reveal some information about you and your IP address.

      Solution: change your default DNS server to any public DNS such as comodo, yandex, cloudflare, Norton, open dns

      Please Don’t use google DNS if u r hacking!!!

  28. Anonymous

    hi i did download the blockchain miner pro-premium version but i cant use it can any one help me i need a bmproVPN code

  29. Anonymous

    Thanks mate! Can anyone recommend a good/anonymous vpn service and is easy to register with?? Please!!

  30. Anonymous

    Does not work without Java :/

  31. Anonymous

    Test DNS and WEBRTC for NORDVPN OK.

  32. Anonymous

    so please help me than to ghet on the dark site(web),i am a beginner
    thanks sts

  33. Anonymous

    thank you for this … its great

  34. Anonymous

    Mine is blank except for saying Rockville and no idea were that is

  35. Anonymous


  36. Anonymous
    Google LLC

  37. Anonymous

    anyone have free VPN ??

  38. Anonymous

    I don’t understand. I start the vpn leak test in darkwebnews.com and it show my ipv6 is leaking but when I start the ipv6 leak test from ipv6leak.com (privateinternetaccess), test-ipv6.com, ipleak.org, and leaktest.online/ipv6/ it show that my ipv6 is not leaking. Serious how can I disable ipv6!? I disable ipv6 on modem and still my vpn is leaking my ipv6!

  39. Anonymous

    Please I need help guys how can I access it

  40. Anonymous

    I connected this website through my campus wifi. I didn’t use VPN. Somehow my info doesn’t leak.

    Connecting from a South East Asia country — not China
    Here is your leak test result:
    DNS Test Result
    Super Broadband Network
    If this information is your actual ISP information, then you have a DNS leak! and your VPN is leaking your information via DNS

    No IPv6 detected, your have no leak!

    I didn’t even use VPN. Unless my wifi is doing something really cool in hiding my actual location, I have to say that I really doubt your
    leak test is actually accurate.


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