VPN Leak Tests (Test your VPN in seconds – Works without JS)

This custom VPN leak, that only appears on DarkWebNews.com, will test your device to check if it is leaking your real information via DNS, IPV6 or WEBRTC. These are services and protocols that are used to transmit data over the internt.

If your VPN is leaking, then what you send over the VPN might be encrypted BUT details about the network you are using can be seen (leaked), which can be traced back to your physical location.

This means your privacy is comprimised as you are vulnerable of having your real identity and location know to others looking in. Those looking in could be government, hackers or law enforcement.

If you value your privacy you need to make sure you do every possible step to protect it by using the right technology and regularly checking that it works properly.

Two of the three tests (IPV6 & DNS) work without JS (JavaScript). According to our information, this is the only test online that works without JS.

This means that TOR users, who have disabled scripts, should be able to see results from the two tests. WebRTC test only works with JS enabled.

How to use our custom DNS Leak Test:

  1. Run the above test without using a VPN.
  2. Turn on your VPN. (Find one here)
  3. Open a new browswer window and come back to this page.
  4. Run the above test again in the new window.
  5. Compare the two results.

If your real information from step one (without a VPN) shows up in tests from step 4 (with a VPN) then your real information is leaking and you privacy is vulnerable. Anyone looking in on you can tell your location. You need a better VPN.

You can find the best VPN’s for privacy here.

For the best privacy and anonymity use TOR with VPN. Our VPN guide is here and TOR guide is here.