‘Hackers for hire: Inside the ‘dark web’

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Dark web is the internet below the internet where anything such as stolen personal information is bought and sold.

Hackers for hire can also be found in the dark web.

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  1. Anonymous

    i am looking to hire a hacker. i have been ripped off 2 times on tor. i don’t want that to happen again. i can not afford it. Chris Moore ****** phone 3**** cell 3***

  2. Anonymous

    cuanto cobra un hacker por hackear un juego en linea???

  3. Anonymous

    Can you help me to make money

  4. Anonymous

    I want visit the site

  5. Anonymous

    I need my ex’s Apple Id and password

  6. Anonymous

    I need a link in the dark web lookin to learn some hack tips

  7. Anonymous

    i need someone to hack a facebook account for me so i can take control of it

  8. Anonymous

    need a hacker to give me facebook details of a person i want to take control of their account

  9. Anonymous

    Searching for a HACKER that can hack PC’s and ANDROID cell phones. I will pay him but it’s urgent. contact me ASAP!

  10. Anonymous

    Major network security provider seeking skilled hackre to test and develop

  11. Anonymous

    looking to speak to a reliable hacker that knows vehicles all about vehicles. serious and urgent. v

  12. Anonymous

    hello guys out there need to hire a pro hacker to hack a email and Facebook account please leave a message asap

  13. Anonymous

    Hello, need a hacker for a WhatsApp and Facebook of someone for monitoring purposes. Please send me cost and time needed.

    • Anonymous

      70$ within 3days

  14. Anonymous

    need hacker to discover email password or whatsapp hacking

  15. Anonymous

    For the past year, I have been cyber bullying by a group o women who have made up sorries about me. I need someone to hack a facebook account and the email for me so i can take control of it to do some screen shots
    I really need help

  16. Anonymous

    so far everyone on here scammed and no one ever got a single hack done FYI


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