Linux: A Hacker’s Preference

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Linux enables hackers to maneuver attacks flexibly

Hackers have tools that they use to carry out various types of operations. But among them all, the most crucial is the Linux Operating System.

Due to its fundamental characteristics, Linux enables hackers to maneuver attacks flexibly and conveniently as compared to other types of operating systems.

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Below is a comprehensive list of reasons as to why hackers prefer Linux over any other OS:

1. It is open source

So far, this is the main feature that differentiates Linux from other operating systems. The source code for the OS is available for one to view.

If they wish to modify it further, then it’s possible to do so. All they have to do is look at the code and add the features they want.

Of course the ability to perform these modifications depends on a high level of coding skills, since it is no task for the layman user.

The fact also means that anyone who wishes to experience the platform and further contribute to its development has a chance to do so without hindrance from any party, as the growth of the OS has occurred through collaboration between various individuals.

2. It is free to use

Unlike Windows or Mac, where one has to pay developers a fee to use it, Linux is completely free to obtain and to use.

Due to this reason, hackers and other individuals have found a hub where they can freely undertake their activities without having the burden of paying for the services of an OS.

3. It is secure to use

Just recently, the world witnessed its biggest ransomware attack in history, affecting various entities in many countries including government institutions, hospitals, multinationals, individual companies and more.

However, the virus dubbed “WannaCry” or “WCry” never affected users who were on Linux; only devices running on Windows.

Because Linux users were never affected by the virus, this event further proves the point that the system is relatively more secure.

A discovery made by the United States’ intelligence community shows that Windows OS has vulnerabilities in file-sharing processes that do not exist in Linux.

This information was then leaked to third parties, who used it to hack into people’s devices.

4. It enhances privacy

Linux users tend to have more privacy, as they don’t have to give out their details in a manner that requires you to sign in to your account.

For example, Windows requires a user to log in to their Microsoft account. By doing this, information about the user is sent to the developer.

That means developers can monitor whatever activities you do on your laptop, thus violating internet privacy.

5. It accommodates tools not available in Mac OS and Windows

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Linux was never affected by the virus, proves that the system is more secure.

As hackers use Linux to carry out various form of attacks, then it is no doubt that the majority of tools developed for hacking run on the host.

As a matter of fact, Linux gives you the option of declining to dictate the type of software you download into the system.

For example, some settings in Windows exist within a strict default so users can’t make changes to them.

It is for this reason that hackers opt to go for Linux, as their operations are a matter of choice and no external force can limit that.

Then, the fact that Linux is much more compatible with any computer gives it an edge over other types of OS’s.

6. The OS can be altered to fit the user’s preference.

The user of the operating system can make changes to best suit their needs, as the source code is available for them.

All sorts of different objectives exist within the worldwide hacking community, and their needs differ from one another.

It is this fact that makes Linux the best hub for hackers as they study the existing code and make further customizations to it.

For example, a hacker who plans to facilitate a DDoS attack will need tools quite different from one who intends to orchestrate an SQL Injection.

Linux offers users a chance to modify it, so as to carry out their needs. This makes it convenient for hackers to manipulate the tools to fit what they intend to achieve.

7. Linux OS is lighter

Due to its small size, installation is much faster than Windows, therefore making it the preferred option. Also, when multiple operations run in Linux, the system continues performing as normal.

Unlike other operating systems where several running tasks will slow down the computer, Linux does not exist in the same manner—therefore making it more reliable and preferred.

According to a YouTuber, applications on Linux update faster than those on Mac or Windows. Apart from that, he says that one does not frequently have to reboot their system in Linux as with other operating systems.

8. It is a transparent platform

The fact that the OS is open source implies that it is very transparent in the sense that one can view all details about it.

Details about the source code, early developers and contributors are available online, and one can stay updated on the progress that is being made over time.

However, those that tend to have modified it to fit their needs may be somehow reluctant to share their versions for discretion.

The above factors make it understandable as to why hackers prefer to use Linux.

Even though other types of operating systems also have their advantages, the needs of a person will vary from one point to the other.

In brief, factors that can determine the type of OS a person will use are similar to age demographics or job descriptions.

And for this reason, you usually won’t find a hacker using Windows, as it limits their activities because the OS isn’t open source.



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  1. Anonymous

    Quite a few things are incorrect in this article. The writer does not seem familiar with his subject.

  2. Anonymous

    “For example, Windows requires a user to log in to their Microsoft account. By doing this, information about the user is sent to the developer.”

    False. The default type of account when installing Windows is a Microsoft account but if you choose to “skip this step” you have the option of a normal user account.

  3. Anonymous

    Agree with the the people commented above,
    it looks like the writer is not familiar with the subject,
    very similar paragraphs: open source and transparent,
    open source + the OS can be altered to fit the user’s preference,

    Ransomware may affect linux OS,
    for example the 1st result googling:…

    C.M. good luck with expanding your knowledge,
    but please be modest and don’t write posts/articles about topics that you don’t fully understand/without consultation from experts – and not wannabe experts claiming to be mega hackers that can hack the pentagon using IP of

  4. Anonymous

    This article just feels like generic Internet filler. The double spacing and larger font are used to compensate for a lack of any real content.

  5. Anonymous

    true, a surface article, but the fact is linux systems are rarely infiltrated, hacked, whatever, mostly due to the architectural vulnerabilities in windows that go back to its inception; too late to change the architecture, so you are inundated with updates-99 percent of which are security; and becuse mac is based on unix, close to linux, there are again much fewer intrusions on their systems. P.s. the government, nsa , etc, all use linux,

  6. Anonymous

    Bottom line:
    Grab Linux for Peace, keep Windows for Capitalism, or just do Linux and rock out with your cock out…eVERYwHERE.

    thanks c.m.


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