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Here are a few recommendations that may slip by the average user on these forums.

1. Never leave your computer that you use for your freedom fighting unattended.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you have kids, or a spouse or a sibling that does not understand what you do on the computer and they decide to hop on your account and sign into their email, Facebook or doing things that could compromise your location while on that computer because they simply did not know, this could potentially cause you problems.

Maybe you are connecting through multiple layers like this TOR -> VPN(1) -> TOR -> VPN(2), so that is 4 layers and VPN(2) is the IP address that everyone sees.

Then your child or spouse goes on to their email with that IP address, then signs off without your knowledge.

That VPN is now linked to you.

Your TOR usage is being watched

And we remember how when under pressure, companies will likely give out information about their customers to avoid fines, shut downs and prosecution.

2. Do not tell your family members what you are doing, just instruct them not to touch your computer. Keep it passworded. –

You should never tell anyone what you are doing on your computer because if law enforcement ever did show up, they would question your family and friends about you.

If they honestly do not know, then they cannot be held in contempt of court, so it is better to keep them in the dark.

Or maybe the police might scare them into giving up all your secrets because they tell your family that if they do not confess that yourself and them will be going to jail, possibly for a long time.

Just password your computer and never leave it unattended with the screen unlocked.

3. If you use multiple layers to connect, make sure you regularly check to make sure all your layers are in tact.

VPNs can drop sometimes without warning and while you should never set yourself up so that if one layer drops you lose everything, just keep in mind when one drops that you may need to adjust the way you handle yourself online until you get that next layer up.

This is one of the reaons I like Tortilla so much, if my TOR layer does not work, it does not bypass it and go to my next layer, instead it just stops working altogether.

When VPNs drop, your computer bypasses the dropped VPN and moves onto the next layer, which in some cases could be your real IP address.

Just something to keep in mind.

4. Do not use the same password for multiple forums, marketplaces, emails and so forth. –

Expect that one or more of the websites you are registered with is storing your password in plain text.

This means that if somebody finds an exploit in the software and is able to dump the entire database, they can find your password.

And if you used the same password for other sites, and god forbid with the same username as well, your entire list of accounts is compromised.

Always use different passwords and keep them strong.

Do not let anything about your password identify how you choose passwords, or identify anything personal about you.

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    Need drugs

    • Valerie Johnson

      Yes, my doctor cut me down 1/3 of my pain medication, and I turned down thousands of my pain med scripts, as I was trying to not over use them. I now have gone from over 200 mg of pain med’s(Oxycodone & Norco) to 45 mg a day, and I am in pain constantly. Can’t get anything done at all. I’m having surgery for 4 teeth implants in a week, and I have to make numerous 8 hour drives back and forth, which causes me more pain!) I am ticked off at my doctor, as he tried to shove tons of meds on me, and I should have taken every one of them,and I’d have 300 extra meds now!)

      I’m afraid to order online? Can you help, or is this a scam too?


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    I meant over 3000+ pain medication now extra!


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