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Guys, I am not going to post exactly who started this thread quoted below, but it belongs to somebody who is a senior member with 375 posts.

And he posted some very personal details and probably did not realize how very revealing these details are.


Track Me If You Can…

Awesome bit I just watched on Netflix. This is not terribly new, done in 2010, but he is quite thorough in his demonstrating how to disappear in modern US culture.

I do have to add that some of the tech he introduced from the other side is quite alarming.

The alphabet cops have waaay too much discretionary income. Time to start defunding them.

So why is this revealing? Why is this bad you might be asking. Well, Netflix collects metadata on its users just like every other big data corporation.

If you are a Netflix user, you likely have a profile which keeps track of every movie you have ever watched and what you rated it and so forth.

Your TOR usage is being watched


Electronic surveillance and the new health care law are on the agenda as Obama and Vice President Biden meet with a group that includes executives from Apple, Amazon, Twitter,Netflix, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

This user stated, that he just watched a specific movie, that he named.

And also stated that this movie has been up since 2010.

So how many people do you think watched this exact movie in the time frame that this guy stated he watched it? Probably not too many.

Under 100 for sure since the movie has been up for almost 3 years.

Well, now the federal government has a list of 100 or less suspects, one of which is this particular user on Silk Road.

But maybe he was using a VPN to connect to Netflix? Great…. does he use that VPN for anything else? Logging into his email, surfing the web, etc… Even if he used a VPN, maybe they keep logs? Maybe they are US based and are easily subject to subpoenas, maybe they will spill everything just like HideMyAss did.

We just do not know, but this is exactly the type of information you all should NOT be revealing about yourselves.

This is extremely bad OpSec people. Smarten up!

But then I looked even further through this user’s profile and looked at his posts.

I know which country he lives in, I know which drugs he has imported into his country and I know which countries he has imported those drugs from.

This guy has spoken about cooking drugs, he talks about being in a cold part of his country, which not all parts of that particular country ever even get cold which helps law enforcement narrow down that list of suspects they got from Netflix.

If you think that law enforcement is not interested in buyers you are sadly mistaken.

Sometimes if they establish that a buyer has been purchasing from a vendor that they are after, then busting the buyer can help them get to the vendor.

They may take over the user’s online identity and start ordering things from vendors since he already has established a trust with these particular vendors.

If the vendor slips up because of the trust built up with the buyer, the vendor is in trouble.

I want you all to learn a lesson from this! If you are going to talk about which vendors you buy off of, which country you live in and which countries you have imported drugs from, then you better make DAMN SURE you do not start giving away details like which movie you watched last night on Netflix.

That is almost as bad as logging onto a server with your real IP address. Keep your mouths shut about your personal lives!

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