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ext entry into the series on security is how to handle getting caught.

Let us face it. We are all human and we make mistakes.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Unfortunately, you only need to make one mistake, and the Law Enforcement, commonly referred to as LE on these forums can bust you.

Maybe they will wait for you to do something more serious before they nab you, but if you slip up and they feel you are worth going after, you can expect them to get you no matter where you live, with rare exception.

The main question is, should I keep an emergency lawyer fund on hand? And how much should it be.

The response I think was most appropriate for this question was the following.

Give your lawyer 50k and put him on a retainer.

Don’t have a emergency fund ‘stash’ lying around if that is what you mean…. you should already have your lawyer paid + plus extra in case he needs to post bond for you and they seize the majority of your drug funds.

Once you get arrested by LE, they can seize your money based on the assumption that it is drug related. So you need to have a lawyer paid for ahead of time. That way, in the unfortunate case that you get a visit from the feds, you have a lawyer ready to go. The agreed upon amount was around $50,000.

Next I want to talk to you about what to do in case you get interrogated by LE.

The take homes from this thread are basically.

Keep your moouth shut.

The feds are going to try all types of tactics on you to get you to admit to guilt of the crimes you are being accused of.

They will likely use the good cop, bad cop on you.

First they will tell you that they want to help you, and that they are after the big guys.

They just need your help to put away the big guys.

Do not listen to this, I have never cooperated with a good cop LE and have it end up working in my favor.

Once you admit to being guilty, you can kiss your freedom good bye.

Secondly, if you refuse to cooperate, their attitude will change to bad cop.

They will say, “OK fine, you do not want to cooperate? I tried to help but now you are going to be in a lot of trouble.

Do you have any idea what kind of charges you are facing? You are going away for a long time unless you start talking.”

They are going to try and scare you into admitting guilt.

Again, keep your mouth shut and continue to ask for a lawyer, hopefully the one you put on a $50,000 retainer prior to this happening.

Never speak without a lawyer present and never do anything you do not have to do legally.

If you have the right to remain silent, then exercise that right.

I know there are some circumstances in which you do not have that right, but unless that is the case, you are better off staying quiet.

Third, drop the attitude.

Do not argue with the cops about having nothing on you, or something for that matter.

Act scared, anxious and confused.

Act like you have no idea what is going on and that you are scared for your life.

Tell the cops they are scaring you and you want to see your lawyer because you do not know what this is about.

They need evidence, and solid evidence at that, to charge you with a crime.

They are going to try and correlate posts you made on forums, phone numbers you called, perhaps a package shipped to your home, all forms of communication, bank transfers, and so forth, until they can find a way to link you to the crime you are being accused of.

But the biggest piece of evidence will always be your willingness to admit your guilt for a lesser sentence.

When Sabu found that he was facing 112 years in federal prison, he quickly spilled everything and started working for the feds.

Again, talk to your lawyer, find out the evidence against you and only answers questions your lawyer advises you to answer, and answer them in a way your lawyer advises you to answer them.

Try and be as honest as possible with your lawyer.

Your lawyer can not and will not share any admittance of guilt you have with the prosecutors or LE, this is called Attorney-client privilege.

Please note there are a few instances where this does not apply.

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  1. Anonymous

    Overall, this is pretty sound advice. However, understand that in the united states you cannot make cash transactions of over $10K without the receiving party notifying the IRS, and that includes criminal defense lawyers. They have to flag you or they will face legal exposure and, if it were to come out that they had accepted such a large amount of currency or other tangible asset, be forced to withdrawal from your case.

    It’s also very important to understand that judicial ethics demands that your lawyer is first and foremost “an officer of the court.” How that applies in this context is that if you were to, say, have contingency assets stored in a safe inside a storage unit, you will need a third party to go and get it and bring it to the lawyer. The reason is because your lawyer would be obligated to turn that money over to the court if there were any sort of forfeiture order in place. So you need to have a third party that you can trust to arrange bail and the acquisition of counsel. Besides trusting a lawyer with 50k in cash is a really bad idea. Trust me.

  2. Anonymous

    Just to be clear, Even if you had a clean 50K to place on retainer, most reputable lawyers are going to be reticent to accept it without any kind of case that they can justify billing towards. If you have to go this route, I’d either find a bondsman that I could trust or a private investigator. Anyone but a lawyer


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