Sicilian Hitmen: The Latest Hitman-for-Hire Scam to Emerge on the Dark Web

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A new hitman scam site has surfaced on the dark web. It has all the features synonymous with previous scams and promises similar devious services.

A new hitman-for-hire scam site has sprung up on the dark web—Sicilian Hitmen. Based on the features of the new site, it is evident that it has been created by the same developers of former hitman-for-hire platforms Besa Mafia and Crime Bay By the Chechen Mob.

The site offers contracted murder services and lives up to the reputation of scamming people on the dark web, gained by its predecessors.

Just like Besa Mafia, which burst into the dark web last year, Sicilian Hitmen comes with a well-organized and appealing website.

It purportedly offers several services, payable by Bitcoin, to unleash various levels of violence, conduct acid attacks and carry out murders on behalf of clients.

It is common knowledge that there are a lot of illegal activities carried out in the dark web. However, hitman-for-hire services is definitely not one of them, and any site purporting to be offering such is services is most likely a scam.

Users on Reddit are already expressing their thoughts and concerns about the new site.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Sicilian Hitmen Scam Site Prone to Hacking

Considering the similarity between the Sicilian Hitmen website and that of Besa Mafia and Crime Bay By the Chechen Mob, it is safe to bet that Sicilian Hitmen will not go far before it is hacked and exposed as a scam.

The hacking of Besa Mafia was made public after researchers at Risk-Based Security reported it in a blog post in 2016. In the report, they indicated that such data breaches occur more often than they are reported.

This backs the reason to expect Sicilian Hitmen will be breached soon.

It would be interesting to understand what sort of defense mechanisms the admins have employed this time around as hackers are probably itching to get into the database of the Sicilian Hitmen scam site.

Scam Site Strategies

The scam site goes out in full force to market and popularize their fake services. It engages in various social platforms in the dark web with pseudo accounts to try and convince unsuspecting users that they can conduct hits on their behalf.

Alarms about the site have already been sounded across the dark web for users to be wary of such scams.

Fraud Scam Phishing Caution Deception Concept
Stab6 notes that the existence of these hitman scam sites is encouraged by the high prevalence of people falling for the scam.

A user on Reddit named stab6 has posted about it and warned dark web users about falling for these scams. The user also advised against sending any sort of payment to this site.

The comments below stab6’s post indicate that the darknet community shares a general disapproval of ordering a hit on someone regardless of whatever disagreements one might have with them.

Most users feel that there are more amicable ways of solving disagreements than ordering someone to be murdered. Regardless, these types of sites usually fail to fulfill their agreement to would-be clients after a payment is made.

Some Reddit commenters also shared their past experiences on similar sites. They are asked to pay an upfront fee for the hit to be conducted, then after some time, the scammer sends several expertly-crafted excuses and asks for more payments to cover expenses.

The site pushes this strategy as far as they can to make sure they get as many payments as possible, but the said services are never delivered.

Stab6 notes that the existence of these hitman scam sites is encouraged by the high prevalence of people falling for the scam. Interestingly, in the previous scams by Besa Mafia, it had been noted that some users knew that the site was a scam but they still ordered a hit anyway.

As for what is in store for Sicilian Hitmen, the darknet community and outside observers will have to wait and see. The reincarnation of these hitman scam sites only means that there are dark web users who still fall for the scams being propagated by the site.

The site has a sign-up and login portal for would-be clients to browse the platform and make orders.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, thank you for helping wannabe murderers being safe from unsecure way of killing.
    I take that you are doing accesorry to murder; you are basically advicing wannabe murderers TO AVOID ALL HITMEN SITES OUT THERE and you probably recommend them to buy a gun and kill the person themselves right?
    Thank you for siding up with murderers and helping them to kill innocent people, by telling them which sites are scam
    I as a morally healty person I would prefer to have all would be murderers be scammed and delayed in their murder plans but I see that you are just a moral full of shit person who helps murderers and doesn’t give a fuck about the innocent people
    However you are just waisting your time reporting sites that you say they are scam if they are really scams they will probably change the name very soon and then go scamming again and then they change again and change again and you are basically fighting a fight that you cant win
    You are just stupid, morally corupt by helping murderers and you are not doing any good if you are trying to expose scam sites, they will always change their name and come up as a new site
    If you have been scammed by one of scam hitmen sites you are just a redard moron who now says about all hitmen sites that they are fake and you think you can do any difference but you can’t.. they are always coming back under different names until you grow tired

    • Anonymous

      But you may get arrested for just going on the site so beware. Mnay arrests have been made

      • Anonymous

        You can’t be arrested for just going to a website, without giving name, address, nor IP. How stupid you are?

        • Anonymous

          you can if you put any details of anyone on there – they will give/ sell the information to the police – who will alert the person and then look for anyone with a grudge against them to arrest

  2. Anonymous

    This comment is a message for the person who wrote this article, as there is no contact us section on the website…

    I am Barbosa, one of the main admins on the Sicilian Hitmen website, please contact me on the sicilian hitmen site using the contact form and give me a way to talk, bitmessaage address or lets talk on the sicilian hitmen website

    I can pay you a montly fee, please kindly remove this article and write a positive article or at least neutral article

    Your site is cool your readers are smart; they know most hitmen sites are scam anyway so you don’t need an article about hitmen; people looking for hitmen need to do their own dilligence and find sites that are real you are not the mother of all stupid motherfuckers are you?

    Please contact me via the sicilian hitmen website and lets talk about a montly fee, for a neutral article, you can let readers decide and advice them to use escrows and be cautios when doing business on any deep web site

    let me know
    Sicilian Hitmen

    • Anonymous

      How do i get in touch with you.

      • Anonymous

        to get in touch with barbosa you can just access the sicilian hitmen site and then contact him using the contact page on the site.. ask for barbosa.. the other admins will reffer your message to him

        to general customers don’t get in touch with other pretending to be customers here, because you might run into undercover cops

        • Anonymous

          He is not the real Barbosa, anyone can post messages here saying he is Barbosa

          Don’t trust darkwebnews and don’t trust the comments here they are from people trying to scare murderers lying that real sites are scams

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I am the Bill Gates and anyone who want can contact me here [email protected]

            Ofcourse I am not bill gates, but seems as anyone can say is anyone here

    • Anonymous

      Dont bother

      He is an undercover cop telling lies about your site, so he won’t accept any money, no matter how big the load of cash is

      Customers know the site is legit so they are just ignoring this article

    • Anonymous

      this is not a message from the real Barbosa. The real Barbosa signups his messages to external sites using his PGP key, so that he proves is himself

      Anyone can post messages here saying is anyone, without being that person.

      I am the Donald Trump, president of the United States, so if you can’t understand that anyone can say is anyone here, just think I am really Donald.

      Send me a message to [email protected]

      Let me know
      Donald Trump
      USA president

    • Anonymous

      Woaaah. Wicked in depth comment. Thanx

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, whatever you mentioned here is true. Even I paid Chechen mob and they just made me to wait for months and months and finally they disappeared. Sicilian is also similar scam.

    • Anonymous

      if the site is real, then yell scam to scare customers away and save people lifes
      if the site is a scam, then you let people go there and be scammed, saving people lifes

      congratulations!! pretend to be a dissapointed customer and yell scam to keep legitimate customers out of a legitimate murder for hire site is the best way to save targets lifes

      • Anonymous

        the site can’t save people lifes because then they don’t get paid as no one will use their service any more

        they kill people not saving lifes.. comments are from police around here lying about site

    • Anonymous

      You can’t pay Chechen mob or other hitmen site directly as they all ask for payment at the end after the murder, or through escrow

      You are just an undercover cop who hate murderers and you try to save lives by saying all hitmen sites are scams, that’s a lovely thing to do but this is not the way to do it because people will find out these sites are real just like those that sell drugs and guns and credit cards and they will order and get their jobs completed

      Better work your ass to shut down the site you undercover cop instead of saying lies around here

    • Anonymous

      You paid them and you are not in jail?
      Din’t other people around here saith that all people using their site are in jail?

      You people all lie here and your lies don’t add up, if you hate murderers stop trying to discourage them by saying those sites are scam, go fucking hack the sites or close it down

    • Anonymous

      you’re very lucky you don’t get arrested as they gave lots of order details to the police

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Admin, your mailbox is full, I am not able to send mail. Can you confirm how to contact you?

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Barbosa,

    So you admit that you are fake and scamming people? So you don’t want others to warn people to stay away from scam websites like yours, so that you can cheat them and grab their money? and for this you are willing to pay?

    Your message clearly showing that you are fake.

    Admin : Please do not remove these comments and your article. Let everyone read his messages and our article.

    • Anonymous

      That was not the real Barbosa posting that comment.

      Maybe it was you, posting two messages appearing to be from different people

      To people: don’t trust these comments, anyone can pretend is someone else, and police can pretend they are unsatisfied customers all because the site is real and they want to scare customers from it

      If the site was a scam police din’t bothered to come here and put so much comments about it

  6. Anonymous

    Sicilian Hitmen is not a scam.

    The site can’t be hacked. If it can be hacked, why don’t you hack and close it down?

    Beware of this Bruno guy, is is clearly an undercover cop who is telling lies about dark web sites, including Sicilian Hitmen, with the sole purpose to SCARE PEOPLE AWAY from using it

    PROOF: Sicilian Hitmen usually offers payment for a montly fee to sites to put up an article, neutral articles are fine. Neutral means that the site doesn’t promote nor bad mouth the Sicilian Hitmen; customers can decide and use escrows or pay when the job is done

    However, because Bruno is not accepting a BIG load of cash to remove the negative lying content, it is clear that he is an undercover cop. Cops usually dont accept bribe, except in very rare cases.

    If this article would not be written by a lying cop then he would have accepted the payment and remove the lies

    The sicilian hitmen is in no way linked to other hitmen sites. Just because the site has a dark interface, doesn’t mean is run by the same people who had other sites with dark interfaces

  7. Anonymous

    Beware there have been many arrests of people playing on the scam hitman websites. They are really dangerous – mainly for anyone accessing them – British police have hacked into them and arrested people

    • Anonymous

      No arrests have been made, it’s just lies from undercover cops

      How could they arrest people if no info by customers is provided.

      Customers don’t say their real name, address or credit cards when they order murder. Maybe they provided fake info and police arrested the wrong guys?

      • Anonymous

        Plenty of arrests made of people who may have an annoyance from those names the websites have given to the police.
        There has NEVER been any harm to anyone from hitman websites or admin other than to those ordering a hit.
        The websites are all fake traps and inform the FBI of every contact.
        Just look at the layout of the “order form” which defaults to “kill” every time and doesn’t allow cancellation. It is setting people up to be arrested for “soliciting murder” which carries a life sentence in prison as well as taking money from anyone stupid enough to pay into their fake escrow system

  8. Anonymous

    I am Barbosa, I am replying to the message above.

    No, the Sicilian Hitmen is not a scam and I am not saying is a scam by sending that message

    I offered payment to remove this article because the article is fake and a lie!

    I din’t saith the site is scam, I saith many hitmen sites out there are scam, but not Sicilian Hitmen

    By sending that message, I prove several things

    1. The Sicilian Hitmen site can not be hacked! If it could be hacked then why don’t you smart asses hack it?

    2. This article writer is an undercover cop, because any normal person would accept payment to remove it but not an undercover cop

    A normal person would take $5000 or $10 000 in a montly fee to just remove this article, but not an undercover cop

    3. If Sicilian Hitmen would be a scam, then undercover cops would not post articles against it!

    They would just allow people to be scammed

    As Sicilian Hitmen is a real site, undercover cops publish lies to discourage users from using it

    So the reason for why sending the message publicy to offer payment to remove the article was to show that the publisher doesnt want to remove it even for a large payment

    That means one thing, he is undercover cop, because anyone else could be brought

    I din’t offered to pay for a scam, I offered to pay for the right to put up a neutral article

    • Anonymous

      Hey barbosa,

      Stop bluffing man. Just prove yourself if you are real. Your site came up only after a week when chechen mob was taken down and you don’t have any hitman or customers. This is the fact.

      If you are real, then prove it buddy. So simple.

  9. Anonymous

    You risk being arrested if you access this website – it is certainly a scam and maybe a honeypot to catch unsuspecting web users, who will be arrested as they can track you down, but have never arrested the admin of the websites as they will sell info they collect to the police

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. I totally agree with you. These guys are fake. It is certainly scam. They won’t kill anyone, but they cheat common person and making cash using their weakness.

      • Anonymous

        If the site is a scam, then you should let the people who order murder be scammed.. why do you help would be murderers be safe from scams?

        let the mf be scammed, and save the target lifes!

        If the site is NOT A SCAM, then yes, go ahead and yell scam everywhere, to keep customers out of the site, this way you save targets lifes

        • Anonymous

          The site is not a scam, that is why they are saying it’s a scam

          They don’t side up with murders, they just want to discourage murders from ordering a real site and they are saving lifes

          If the site would be a scam all undercover cops would say go for it, go and order from that site cause is legit

          So I guess, no one can really know wheter a site is a scam or not from all this fake shit around here, until they order

          Just make sure you pay through escrow not hitmen before murder

  10. Anonymous

    Hey Barbosa,

    Do you have any proof to show that you have legit hitman? I am 100% sure, you don’t have. Show the proof to everyone, then everyone will shut their mouth.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, that site is a scam go and do the murder yourself, don’t use hitmen sites, GET A GUN AND SHOOT THE MOTHER FUCKER YOURSELF

      • Anonymous

        Don’t fucking encourage anyone to do murder. That’s instigation to murder and is a crime

        Better stay off to say all hitmen sites are scams like all other cops around here

        Lying that they are scam is enouch to discourage dumb murderers from ordering on it.. don’t give any ideas to stupid people

  11. Anonymous

    Sicilian Hitmen is an obvious scam, anytime the English someone uses is poor, you can safely assume these kind of sites are fake and their only goal is to generate money from unsuspecting upset people.
    Sounds like this Barbosa guy is spouting a load of garbage…may be he needs to take anger management classes

    • Anonymous

      Yes, is a scam, but if you want to protect the general public YOU SHOULD NOT REPORT KNOWN SCAMS.
      By reporting known scams, you are siding up with murderers and you dont care about victims, you are protecting murderers be safe from scams, that is imoral and wrong.
      Barbosa is doing a good thing, getting rich and saving lives, all respect for him. He is not angered he is just being ironical and saying that you are recommending murderers do the murder themselves, and that is a bad thing.

      But however, I see that this article on dark web news is siding up with murderes. The purpose of this article is NOT to protect innocent life by letting murderers be scammed, instead the purpose of this article is to give tips and advices to murderers on how to stay away from scams in order to do a succesful murder.

      So I will just join the trend here, and this is my ADVICE TO ALL MURDERERS reading this:



      Now, there. I’ve saith it. Congratulations for a great article helping murders. Hoping you are happy as it seems all readers here are on the side of murderers; probably only people looking on how to do succesful murders land here

      • Anonymous

        No, the Sicilian Hitmen site is not a scam.

        If it would be a scam, all editors would allow murderers to be scammed, they would not publish an article about a scam that is a scam; no one wants to help murderers on the clear net

        Note that on clear net, any website helping murderers will get police knowing on the doors of the webmasters and admins.

        So no site on clear net wants to help murderers. No site on clear net truly tells a scam site, because that means they help murderers and police knocks on the doors of admins and owners

        As a rule of thumb, if a site calls something a scam, it probably isn’t. It calls it a scam to discourage murders from using it.

        So your question of why this site admins are helping murderers by telling which sites are scam, the answer is easy: they aren’t. They aren’t helping murderers by telling which site is a scam, they are just discouraging murders from ordering on a real site.

        That’s the purpose of this article, making murderers stay away fom a real site.

      • Anonymous

        He is not reporting a real scam, you stupid!!!

        He is saying it’s a scam a site that is not a scam, to discourage murderers ordering from a real site…

        So he is actually protecting the general public by discouraging murderers from ordering from a real site that gets their jobs completed, you stupid, did you really think that the admin of this site would side up with murderers by helping them? instead of victims?

        You are just a fool and have no clues of what reverse psihology is..

  12. Anonymous

    A Hitman discussing real. Yeah….sure.

  13. Anonymous

    hi guys, please take note that sicilian mob scam site has changed its name to cosa nostra!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you are just a lazy cop who can’t shut down sites instead it says about all that they are scams

    • Anonymous

      Media and reporters don’t sympathize with murderers, that is why they say it’s a scam when a hitmen site is not a scam, in order to discourage murderers from ordering from a real site and saving victims lives

      If a site is really a scam then media will say is not a scam to encourage murderers to be trapped and waiste their time and hope and save victims lifes

      And there are lots of undercover cops here who do the same, saying about various hitmen sites they are scams, when they in fact are not, just to discourage murderers from ordering from a legit site

      So don’t guide yourself after anonymous claims that the site is a scam or is not a scam, do your own judging take your risks and remember, never provide your name and real info, never provide your ip, and always use digital lockers and escrows to pay the murder after job is done not before

      The other people here hate murderers and are trying to confuse them and discourage them from ordering murder saying all sites are scams.. but if all sites would be scam then all these murder haters who protect public here would say all sites are real just to trap murderers

      So a bit of reverse psihology doesn’t hurt, anyone whos not plain stupid understands

    • Anonymous

      You waiste your time you stupid undercover cop

      No one is lisening to your lies, no one care abouts your comments as any one here can say whatever they want and you are just undercover cops

      All hitmen sites on deep web are real and legit, just like all marketplaces on deep web are real and legit, if they would not be real then no one would order and they would be closed by their admins as they would make no money

      But do you know who order? Customers refer other customers who refer other customers and so on, happy customers always bring more customers there and everything is perfect

      And stupid undercover cops come here and pretend to be unhappy customers to scare away unitiated people

      • Anonymous

        All hitman sites are there to make money either through the criminal payment system or by selling the details to the police.
        Why risk getting involved in murder, when they can make $millions by scamming and selling/ giving details to police and a few$ for all those who anonymously write postive reviews for them.
        The only people who are identifiable as real people all state that all hitman sites are money making scams, with paid shills writing all the reviews promoting or advertising them on the internet blogs like this

  14. Anonymous

    This is instigation to murder! Don’t use hitmen services. Do your murder directly.

    Or if you use hitmen services, you can pay with stolen credit card info, such as

    Name on card:**********
    Card number ********
    Card type: visa
    CVV2 code: ****
    Expires on: 02/2021

    The Sicilian Hitmen site is a legitimate hitmen for hire site, hundreds of murders have been carried out.

    That’s why law enforcement spent lots of resources to hack it, and they managed to hack it in april 2017 by British NSA and that’s how they got access to some internal messages and orders, however they only got pending orders and as old orders were deleted after completion .

    Only a few people were arrested, those who has been stupid enouch to submit to Crime Bay a picture of the target together with herself, with herself blacked out.

    Also some customer din’t deleted traces from their computer and phone, like visited bitcoin sites, google searches for keywords related on how to do murder and so on

    When police hacked the site and found pending orders, they contacted the targets in the orders and asked them who might want them dead.

    Those targets who had little ennemies, gave clues of who might want them dead, and Police visited those people, and found loads of evidence on their computers, like ‘how to find an assassin’ or similar searches on google, bitcoin visited sites, and same pictures that were submitted on the crime bay site as picture of targets, with some parts removed

    It wasn’t the fault of Crime Bay that sloppy and careless customers have been arrested.

    The site does its best to protect customers, it never asks for customer info, it advices customers to delete all traces on their computers, all orders are deleted after completion and all messages are periodically erased

    The Crime Bay improved their security after the hack, so law enforcement could not hack it again.

    However I apreciate a lot this article that wants to help murderers.

  15. Anonymous

    Goodness what a lot of replies from the hitman site’s admin. All the hitman sites are potentially scams and you may get arrested for just visiting them as the police can track down most users. Most people accessing the sites are not murderers but are just messing around, although the police will charge them with “soliciting murder” and may sentence them to life in prison.
    These are the wprst of any website anywhere – HUgely dangerous but profitable for the admin and giving people to the police to arrest.

  16. Anonymous

    The hitman sites don’t have any encryption or way of keeping the data you enter safe. In addition they keep all data on the computer for months during which time they may choose to sell it to the police and you will be arrested and sent to prison. Don’t beieve aht they say and certainly never trust them or you could finish up in deep trouble

  17. Anonymous

    what are some non scam sites links for a hit man for hire?

    • Anonymous

      All hitman sites are scam. Understand it please. You will give them your money. Then you will wait day by day week by week month by month. Believe me.

  18. Anonymous

    Camorra hitmen is fake service, they don’t complete the task. After you added bitcoins they stop replying you. You can’t do anything. So please beware of such scams.

    • Anonymous

      The sites are likely all run by the FBI/ police and have been set up to get you arrested for “soliciting murder”, which they have successfully done many times even though there has never been any evidence of any order ever being carried out.
      The sentence for using this site is many years in prison, which the site gives no warning about as they want to trap you and don’t give a shit about you.
      The esccrow sites used are always fake, so if you part with money you will never see it again and are likely to be arrested.

  19. Anonymous

    I added btc. But then I wanted to withdraw it. But this bastards told that they have problems and so on…please wait…I wait for along time. And I think that I will never see my money again…this sites are scam! People please don’t believe them! They will take your money and you will never see it again!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      True, they will tell you so many reasons. You will never get refund again. There is no option to withdraw.

  20. Anonymous

    All the hitmen sites are scam! They take your money but if you want to make a refund they tell you fbi seized the money we had a strong attack from them and….Fuck you! We will never refund your money back. We have no money!! If you send money to your account you may forget about it forever!! Remember it and live calm and have a good luck! This people from crime bay Sicilian hitmen camorra hitmen coza nostra and from other scam sites will be burned on fire in hell!

  21. Anonymous

    Why I can’t leave comments?

  22. Anonymous

    Tell me please do I need to work through garant?

  23. Anonymous

    New site is NDRANGHETA

  24. Anonymous

    I want to leave a comment about Sicilian hitmen. But it didn’t appear. What should I do?

  25. Anonymous

    I guess they want to scare customers away because the site is real and killing people, so they think by scaring customers away they are saving lives

  26. Anonymous

    People here are anonymous and they cant be verified, so their comments are worthless. Any undercover cop can post anything

    I just think that webmasters of this site dont love murderers so they want to save lives by saying about a real hitman site that is a scam

  27. Anonymous

    Yes, all people putting article here hate murders and want to save lives, no one wants to help murderers so thats why everybody is trying to scare murders away from real sites

  28. Anonymous

    Dont trust the anonymous posts here they are all lying saying sites are scams just to save lives

  29. Anonymous

    All people putting article here hate murders and want to save lives, no one wants to help murderers so thats why everybody is trying to scare murders away from real sites

  30. Anonymous

    Only udndercover cops are saying that site is a scam, because they want to scare customers away from using a real site

  31. Anonymous

    Lets be serious all thise comments can be posted by a few people.

  32. Anonymous

    All this good comments are fake. This sites are scam. New site is bratva mafia or yakuza mafia. Admin changes its name every several days. Address of this site is http://2dsfjelfbxdjnjtp.onion/. If you will send bitcoins you will never see it again. Also they don’t do murders. If you will ask for refund they will tell you about bitcoin mixer is wrong they have no money now please wait. And they even ask you to put good comments for refund but then they will scam you again and again and again. They will win any time. And then they will stop replying. Also new scam hitman sites are la eme hitmen http://22cmazblkngy2uhq.onion/. And dark mamba http://z2vt5rw6gzwfai2o.onion/. All this sites are scam too. Good comments have been written by the owner of this sites or customers for refund. But this customers didn’t get their refund. They tell wait MAXIMUM one week then wait a few days then one more week……and again and again and again….Don’t loose your money and time.

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