Sicilian Hitmen: The Latest Hitman-for-Hire Scam to Emerge on the Dark Web

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A new hitman scam site has surfaced on the dark web. It has all the features synonymous with previous scams and promises similar devious services.

A new hitman-for-hire scam site has sprung up on the dark web—Sicilian Hitmen. Based on the features of the new site, it is evident that it has been created by the same developers of former hitman-for-hire platforms Besa Mafia and Crime Bay By the Chechen Mob.

The site offers contracted murder services and lives up to the reputation of scamming people on the dark web, gained by its predecessors.

Just like Besa Mafia, which burst into the dark web last year, Sicilian Hitmen comes with a well-organized and appealing website.

It purportedly offers several services, payable by Bitcoin, to unleash various levels of violence, conduct acid attacks and carry out murders on behalf of clients.

It is common knowledge that there are a lot of illegal activities carried out in the dark web. However, hitman-for-hire services is definitely not one of them, and any site purporting to be offering such is services is most likely a scam.

Users on Reddit are already expressing their thoughts and concerns about the new site.

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Sicilian Hitmen Scam Site Prone to Hacking

Considering the similarity between the Sicilian Hitmen website and that of Besa Mafia and Crime Bay By the Chechen Mob, it is safe to bet that Sicilian Hitmen will not go far before it is hacked and exposed as a scam.

The hacking of Besa Mafia was made public after researchers at Risk-Based Security reported it in a blog post in 2016. In the report, they indicated that such data breaches occur more often than they are reported.

This backs the reason to expect Sicilian Hitmen will be breached soon.

It would be interesting to understand what sort of defense mechanisms the admins have employed this time around as hackers are probably itching to get into the database of the Sicilian Hitmen scam site.

Scam Site Strategies

The scam site goes out in full force to market and popularize their fake services. It engages in various social platforms in the dark web with pseudo accounts to try and convince unsuspecting users that they can conduct hits on their behalf.

Alarms about the site have already been sounded across the dark web for users to be wary of such scams.

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Stab6 notes that the existence of these hitman scam sites is encouraged by the high prevalence of people falling for the scam.

A user on Reddit named stab6 has posted about it and warned dark web users about falling for these scams. The user also advised against sending any sort of payment to this site.

The comments below stab6’s post indicate that the darknet community shares a general disapproval of ordering a hit on someone regardless of whatever disagreements one might have with them.

Most users feel that there are more amicable ways of solving disagreements than ordering someone to be murdered. Regardless, these types of sites usually fail to fulfill their agreement to would-be clients after a payment is made.

Some Reddit commenters also shared their past experiences on similar sites. They are asked to pay an upfront fee for the hit to be conducted, then after some time, the scammer sends several expertly-crafted excuses and asks for more payments to cover expenses.

The site pushes this strategy as far as they can to make sure they get as many payments as possible, but the said services are never delivered.

Stab6 notes that the existence of these hitman scam sites is encouraged by the high prevalence of people falling for the scam. Interestingly, in the previous scams by Besa Mafia, it had been noted that some users knew that the site was a scam but they still ordered a hit anyway.

As for what is in store for Sicilian Hitmen, the darknet community and outside observers will have to wait and see. The reincarnation of these hitman scam sites only means that there are dark web users who still fall for the scams being propagated by the site.

The site has a sign-up and login portal for would-be clients to browse the platform and make orders.

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