Romanian Scammer Fakes Seizure of Hitman Site

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Hitman in suit holding a gun.
A Romanian suspect has been scamming people for a long time by creating hitman for hire sites only to later fake the seizure of the sites.

It is no longer news in the current century that a lot of services offered through dark web markets are explicitly labeled as illegal, with hitman for hire being one of them.

It is a controversial topic which has been hitting the headlines lately.

In the latest darknet news update, a Romanian scammer has been creating a series of fake hitman sites.

All along, he has been getting away with a scheme by which naïve customers lose their money in the form of cryptocurrency each time.

Some of the Tor-based sites that are linked to the scammer include Besa Mafia, Bravta Mafia, Crime Bay, Sicilian Hitman and now lately, Cosa Nostra. All the listed sites have one thing in common, fake seizure by law enforcement in a bid to abscond with users’ funds.

The History

According to the law enforcement, there has been only one confirmed murder facilitated by the site created by the suspect Romanian criminal. This was the murder of Amy Allwine, who was shot in the head with a nine-millimeter pistol.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Her death as the investigators came to find out, was finalized by her husband, Stephen Allwine. A series of events took place until Stephen decided to kill his wife by himself.

Stephen was reported to have paid $6,000 worth of Bitcoins through his Besa Mafia account under the username “dogdaygod.” He described his wife and gave the hitman all the necessary information required to get to Amy Allwine and kill her.

As time went by, Stephen started running out of patience since no results were yet to be seen from the hired hitman. The site administrators told Stephen that the delay was because his wife was never in any position to be hit.

This caused a lot of frustration and ultimately prompted Stephen to buy a pistol which he used to plot the wife’s murder. On the fateful day of the murder, Stephen had given his wife a drug to interfere with her functioning, a chemical substance which he had bought from a darknet market.

The feds arrested him with concrete evidence which would see him jailed for second-degree murder as seen from the report by the district court in the County of Washington in Minnesota.

A hacker by the name “bRpsd” is said to have exposed the Besa Mafia scam. He took the database collected from the site and posted all the details online.

Recently, the Romania-based suspect created another site which, after close analysis, resembles all the previous scam sites before.

The site came with an appealing interface, which attracted many users oblivious to the danger lurking within.

Man trying to kill a driver.
This caused a lot of frustration and ultimately prompted Stephen to buy a pistol which he used to plot the wife’s murder.

Users are expected to create an account with the platform to get full access to the service offered.

Proper and detailed information on the hit is required as requested by the hired hitman.

For a job to be started, a down payment is expected to facilitate the hitman’s investigations on the target. It is between delivery and the payment period when the unsuspecting customer is ultimately scammed out of their money.

To reach the maximum potential of customers, the site administrators use social platforms like Reddit to advertise their services. The endgame always has a similar answer, “more money needed to facilitate the process.”

Cosa Nostra

The same notorious Romanian criminal created a hitman for hire site by the name Cosa Nostra with a similar intention as the previous sites.

With appealing features and conditions perhaps to appease the same old customers plus new ones, the site went rolling for a significant time. Unsuspecting customers started using it by depositing their funds all with the hope that their work would be completed on time.

As soon as the site administrator had enough coins collected from the customers, he planned for an exit scam.

He decided to fake the seizure of the site by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division. He went ahead to claim that the law enforcement authorities are investigating the 453 homicides committed by the users through the site.

All these claims were well orchestrated to convince the users of the workload the site had accomplished. Also, the message was made for the users to believe their coins were no longer safe but in the hands of the feds.

On close watch to the message relayed on the site, it is evident that the scammer just photoshopped the whole interface belonging to Silk Road Camel. Although it caught many with surprise, it is a warning that there are high chances of a similar site coming up claiming to offer the same services but ending up with a scam.

A Prevalent Problem

Woman behind bars in jail.
Until people get to understand that dark web is not a solution to their interpersonal problems, more cases will continue being seen.

Just a few months ago, a woman from Illinois was arrested after she solicited a hitman suspected to be from Cosa Nostra to kill another woman.

She paid cash in Bitcoins to the site but an investigative TV program, CBS 48 Hours, tipped the police who thwarted the arrest.

Due to the high number of unlicensed and uncontrolled guns in the U.S., more and more hitmen for hire continue to spring up.

Mass shootings and sniper-related murder have increased sharply.

A lot of societal factors can be blamed for this—from high rates of drug consumption to increasing cases of interpersonal violence.

Cryptocurrencies have also contributed to the rise in online scams related to hitmen for hire. This is because they offer a great deal of anonymity in illegal transactions.

Until people get to understand that dark web is not a solution to their interpersonal problems, more cases will continue being seen.



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  1. Anonymous

    I have been arrested for putting someones name on one of theses sites No money paid or instructiosn given but the deafualt settings always go to “kill the bastard” out of the various options.

    It is a trap and a scam, which I have been caught by and is now threatening my life and bankruptcy.

    I have researched this topic endlessly and there is no evidence of a hitman website ever having conducted any of the advertised services. Why would they if they have the money. It is a really cruel computer scam


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