Law Firm Clerk Escapes Jail Sentence After Being Part of Darknet Credit Card Scam

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Court spares law firm clerk a jail sentence after she was found to be involved in a credit card fraud scheme alongside three accomplices.

Samantha Doyle, a law firm clerk in Manchester, has been spared a jail term after being involved in a credit card fraud scheme.

Her husband, Dane Fitzwater, reportedly lured her into committing the fraud conspiracy, in which they used credit card information bought on the dark web to purchase luxuries worth over £100,000.

Loads of stolen credit card data is currently available for sale on the dark web. This case is just one of many others involving credit card fraud on the darknet.

Using Stolen Credit Card Data to Fund Luxurious Lifestyle

After being coerced by her husband, Doyle has found herself in front of a court facing charges related to fraud.

The couple was an accomplice to a larger group of criminal characters who organized their scam scheme on the mobile messaging platform WhatsApp.

In running the scam, the group usually posed as buyers, using stolen credit cards to purchase luxury items from various businesses. They had already made several purchases by the time they were busted, including flash cars, motorbikes, and jewelry.

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Fitzwater was responsible for buying the credit card information from the dark web. He made several purchases of credit card details on darknet markets, which often sell financial information that was explicitly stolen by hackers.

He would then conspire with the rest to use the stolen credit card details to purchase various items.

Others involved in the fraud plot were Aqil Khan and Ashley Vickers.

Doyle had a stable career over several years, but the money she was getting out of it would not have been enough to fund the luxurious lifestyle she was living together with her husband.

Doyle’s lifestyle raised eyebrows at her workplace, and she quickly fell into fraud investigators’ radar. In one case, for instance, she and Fitzwater posed as siblings and attempted to purchase jewelry claiming that Khan was their father and he intended to pay through the phone. Khan was to use the stolen credit card information to complete the purchase.

Information for Sale on Dark Web

Financial information is routinely sold on most dark web markets.

Hackers usually steal credit card and banking information from financial institutions and take advantage of the anonymity of the dark web to sell the data. Usually, the data is priced between $30 and $50.

The buyers can then use it to purchase items worth whatever amount of money is available to the card.

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Aside from financial details, many types of stolen data are also offered for sale on the dark web, ranging from hacked accounts to stolen credentials and even healthcare data.

Results of Darknet Fraud Case

The group of fraudsters—Doyle, Vickers, Khan and Fitzwater—faced conspiracy to defraud charges at a Manchester court and were each handed distinct charges.

They all pleaded guilty to several counts of conspiracy to defraud business owners.

Fitzwater received a six-year jail sentence. The court mostly saw him as the orchestrator of the whole scheme. He organized the group and made strategies through which they would defraud others.

Khan and Vickers were both served three-year sentences for their role in the scam.

Doyle escaped a jail sentence, but she still received 200 hours of unpaid work.


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