A Brief Look into the World of Carding

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transfering money from bills of stolen credit cards
Illegally acquired credit cards

Carding is the act of using illegally obtained credit card information to siphon funds from another person’s bank account.

Because of the complexity of the practice, various steps ought to be followed to ensure that operations are smooth.

For this reason, it is important to note that carding is all about skill and experience.

As a result, Gurus in the sector have to undergo various attempts of trial and error until they eventually figure out what is needed for the process to work for them.

For dummies in the carding industry, the process is made easier with resources and tutorials available on the dark web.

As much as the tutorials are meant to teach and broaden carding skills, they don’t always provide the exclusive hub for carders to succeed.

Your TOR usage is being watched

But what’s notable is the fact that these tutorials end up fueling cyber crime to a greater or lesser extent.

However, professional carders know every detail to follow due to their experience in the field.

From buying credit cards from online vendors to siphoning cash from the person’s bank account, this is an art that requires one to have mastered.

And, as in any field, mastery only comes through practice and by following a set of instructions—carding operates on the same underlying principle.

For learners, the necessary steps first involve the acquisition of credit cards.

Then, depending on the platform you intend to cash out on, your knowledge will rely on the country the credit card is from, the location of the person cashing out (which is determined through their IP address) and last but not least, the rules and regulations of the website they intend to use in the process.

Learners can breathe a sigh of relief because some of this information is not only available on the dark web for sale, but can also be found in blogs and YouTube videos.

hacker looking at credit card number
some will use the cards to buy items online

But they ought to trade with care, because of the increasing number of rippers and scammers who will quickly convince newbies that they are of merit.

Now depending on your motive in carding, people identify platforms which they deem to have a weak security and bypass several verification stages.

So some will use the cards to buy items online from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. and some will buy Bitcoins, whereas others will choose to use money transfer platforms such as PayPal, Moneybookers (Skrill), Webmoney, Neteller or Payoneer.

The end goal for all persons involved in the process is the same in the sense that they intend to acquire other people’s funds for themselves, in one way or the other.

So, it follows that those with more skill and experience will be able to earn more for themselves.

Despite all this, there are more challenges involved in the process.

One of the largest is getting a live and fresh credit card which is cardable.

The term“cardable” means it lacks excessive security from the processor so it’s easy to access funds stored in the account.

Security measures taken by card issuers include Visa’s “Verified by Visa” (VBV) and MasterCard’s“MasterCard Secure Code” (MSC).

These provide an extra layer of security in that the card cannot be used without the consent of the card holder.

For example, upon using the card on an online platform, the site will request a security question and answer or send a one-time password (OTP) to the user.

Failure to provide these means that the transaction cannot proceed.

Thus, the carder is forced to abandon their mission.

In well-orchestrated scenarios where the carder can obtain details of the card user, they can maneuver and siphon funds from the account.

In this case, the carder has vital details to be used in the verification process if the need arises.

So depending on the experience of the fugitive, they will be able to put measures in place like using templates to get verified on any given platform.

Other factors to consider in carding are the use of Media Access Control (MAC) changers, computer cleaners, privacy browsers, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a SOCKS proxy server.

These are crucial as they give false information of the carder and make them similar to that of the cardholder.

Platforms are usually susceptible and take several precautions to ensure that their avenues are not used as a gateway of cyber crime through credit card theft.

Despite these measures, criminals still manage to bypass the security verification process by forging documents.

As a result, people enrich themselves by stealing millions of dollars from other individuals through the art of carding.

Most platforms used in carding are sensitive and thus demand that the user is located in a particular country.

An example can be seen in the fact that they limit users in other nations from accessing their services.

Virtuale private network concept word cloud
Carder will connect the VPN to the country of choice disguising themselves as the card holder

This is where Virtual Private Networks come into play. A carder will connect the VPN or SOCKS5 proxy to the country of their choice.

By doing so, they are disguising themselves as the card holder.

Further tips include implementing Fullz, which is where the carder obtains a person’s details such as their Social Security Number (SSN), telephone number, full name, etc.

The carder then creates an account on a given platform using the details of the person.

This means that they will have to create a fake email with the individual’s name and an email address resembling the name.

Afterwards, since they will have disguised themselves as the individuals whose details have been stolen, they will be able to undertake activities using their credit cards online.

And by the time the victim is aware, it’ll likely be too late since they already lost funds from their account.

The same tactic is applied by fraudsters who use PayPal as a gateway.

Consequently, this brings about issues of money laundering where people send funds to other countries or buy items and ship them to other regions.

Since they have obtained them by illegal means, they have provided drop offs which do not belong to them.This makes it difficult for them to be traced.

And in the event this does occur, investigations become quite involving, and the probability of apprehending the culprits becomes minimal.



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