Scammer Pretending To Be Evolution Admin

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We reported recently that a scammer was sending messages to Agora users pretending to be the admin team.

The same scam has now hit users of the Evolution marketplace.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The scam uses the same bitcoin address, so we are assuming that it is coming from the same people.

See the message below…


Dear Evolution Vendor,

We appreciate you choosing to give our market a chance. With Multisig Escrow, we truly believe we will grow and blossom and eventually play with the bigboys. In the meantime, we wouldlike to perform a few security upgrades, and with sales being slow, we are still yet to raise enough to do so.

As the hair on the back of our necks stands from the looming eyes of the LE, we reach out to you, many successful vendors from a different market, and ask you for monetary help. We didn’t charge vendor bond in hopes it would result in more vendorsquicker, which would attract more customers. While we stand by our decision to do this, hopefully some of the more successful vendors can help us out. We need to raise a total of $3000. We are sending this message to all vendors on site. We hope that if everyone sends a small portion, we can raise this goal, and we can roll out the proper security penetration tests after the heartbleed problem. We are confident we are more than secure, but it never hurts to be paranoid, and we are being just that.

If you are willing and able to help, please donate to 1EaXWe4cY2pbtm9b83k8asQkJ82CXmLF6i

This address has been generated specifically for the donations from our lovely vendors. After you send your donation, please send a PM with the total that you sent and we will verify it. After the sales on the site pick up, we will wait until we have sufficient money back from the fees on sales, and we will send payments back to all vendors who donated in one lump sum. After we repay, you will receive a star next to your name to let people know you were here from the start. With your help, we will stay vigilant through any scrutiny by police or the feds.


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