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Zooqle is a torrenting site that gained popularity this year after some of its competitors shut down. Here’s a full guide to the platform.

Zooqle is a torrenting search engine that gained its popularity this year after some of the competitors got shut down.

The site’s database is impressive. It contains almost four million torrents, including 38,000 movies and 172,000 episodes of popular TV shows.

Besides that, the website also includes books, video games, images, apps, anime and adult content. Also, every torrent has to go through a verification process.

This makes Zooqle a perfect alternative to The Pirate Bay or other equally renowned torrenting sites.

The company is reportedly registered in the Virgin Islands, and the domain is five years old. That makes Zooqle a newbie on the torrenting scene.

How to Use Zooqle

Zooqle’s homepage is well organized, but the design could be better color-wise. The fact that everything is grey make it seem that the entire website is unresponsive.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Zooqle torrenting website.

At the top of the page, users can find a search bar where they can enter keywords. On the right side, there is an Advanced Search button so you can narrow the results.

Zooqle Advanced Search for torrents.

Within the Advanced Search section, you can also exclude some words, choose the file size, select the date range, and choose a category or language.

Users can also browse different categories of movies and TV shows, as well as look at the TV calendar.

Zoogle Types of Movies

Zoogle Categories

You can also log in or create an account, but it is not required if you want to download torrents.

At the central part of the screen, you can see some of the most popular recently added movies and episodes, while on the right side you can find most seeded files and recently added torrents.

Zooqle Torrent Search

If you click on a specific movie, for example, you will be presented with several torrents divided into groups according to the video quality.

Zooqle Movie download.

If you click on one file, the link will lead you to the single torrent page where you can see some basic information about the torrent and find a download link.

The downside of using Zooqle are ads that pop out even when you try to scroll down.

Zooqle Proxies

Even though the site is operating at this moment, it can easily go down due to the strict laws and regulations against torrenting in some countries.

However, if you cannot access Zooqle, it might be because it is forbidden in your country. If that is the case, you can use a proxy. Proxies are tools that access the website on your behalf and provide you with the exact same content. Therefore, the user interface will match the original site.

Some of the most popular Zooqle proxies include:

All of the listed proxies are described as fast or very fast and provide a perfect Zooqle experience.

Unfortunately, if the site is down due to legal or technical issues, a proxy will not be able to access it. In that case, you will have to consider some of the alternatives such as The Pirate Bay or RARBG.

Pros and Cons of Using Zooqle


Zooqle has a large database with almost 4 million files. The website is well-organized, and torrents are divided into categories such as movies, TV shows, music, images, anime, books, games and apps.


The website is completely grey, and the contrast is low. That makes it difficult to read. Even though some reviewers claim that there are no pop-up ads, others say they were bothered by them.

Keep in mind that torrenting may be illegal in your country. Therefore, using a VPN service is recommended.

t will create a tunnel to protect your data and keep you safe from the government or any other prying eyes.


Download movies.
Zooqle has a large database with almost 4 million files.

Zooqle is a constantly growing torrenting website that contains almost 4 million files.

The user experience is not that great because of the bland design, but that does not outshadow the fact that the site is well-organized and contains all sorts of content including movies and TV shows, books, games, adult content, anime, apps and more.

If for some reason, due to georestriction, you cannot access Zooqle, you can use a proxy to do that for you (listed above).

That way, you will still be able to download the content and enjoy your torrenting experience.

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