Dark Web XTC Pills Buyer’s Guide

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Dunavo on Reddit has put together a nice little guide for people looking to buy XTC on the dark web marketplaces. See the guide below, the original can be seen here.

So, I’ve created a spreadsheet spanning 5 markets, as a means of helping people make an easier decision when it comes to purchasing MDMA pills in the United States. Click here to view the spreadsheet.

The criteria for vendors to be granted a green stamp were:

  • Had a minimum listing of 100 pills for sale. I understand not everyone purchases in this high of a quantity, but it started out as a visualizer to help myself, and I just expanded on the idea.
  • Stated that they would accommodate U.S. customers.
  • Had some form of positive feedback, and if in numerous enough quantity, their status was raised on the ranking system.

I tried to be as thorough as possible, but Silk Road proved that venture difficult in that regard with their inorganization, especially when it came to feedback.

Evolution and Agora were the easiest to sift through and should have the most accurate reflection of selection.

Silk Road may require further research on your part, but I should’ve narrowed it down to the main vendors you should compare against.

Your TOR usage is being watched

I only used the markets I personally use the most; this isn’t an exercise in favoritism or nepotism to any given party.

All other notes should be found on the spreadsheet, and if you have any questions, I’ll answer them. I may do this for other drugs, if so inclined or requested.

Ultimately, I just did this for fun


Hopefully this helps at least one person out.

Post-production note to self: Things to take into consideration for future spreadsheets would be pricing per unit + shipping, and FE requirements, as well as dosages.

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