USPS Sees Rise In Cannabis Seizures

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In 2013 the U.S. Postal Inspection Service managed to intercept 20 percent more parcels containing marijuana resulting in 14 percent more arrests and indictments for mailing controlled substances than in 2012.

According to figures released by US News, around 45,000 pounds of marijuana concealed within 9,100 parcels didn’t reach their desired destinations in 2013.

The figures were obtained from Paul Krenn, an assistant inspector in charge at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s Washington, D.C., headquarters.

Although this sounds great for the USPS, the average amount in each parcel would be around 5 pounds.

Obviously this is just an average so wouldn’t apply to all, but it does indicate that it’s mainly larger packages that are effected.

In fiscal year 2012 inspectors found 42,000 pounds of marijuana stashed in about 7,600 parcels.

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Being many people’s drug of choice, Marijuana is by far the most common drug intercepted by inspectors.

In fiscal year 2013 marijuana seizures accounted for 68 percent of 13,389 drug-related seizures, up from 67 percent of 11,322 seizures the year before.

US postal inspectors in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, secured 2,622 arrests and indictments for mailing controlled substances in fiscal year 2013, up from 2,299 arrests and indictments the preceding year.

It’s not definitively clear if the increase in package seizures is because more people are mailing drugs, or if the USPS has improved their methods of detection.

The postal service of course like to play their cards close to their chest, so do not release information about their detection procedures, but reports indicate the use of drug-sniffing dogs and “package profiling.”

It is highly likely that more people are now mailing drugs.

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