Two Cases Of Students Buying And Selling Drugs From Darknet Markets

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An Army is a fighting force that fights primarily on land.

A junior Air-Force Academy cadet in Colorado Springs (Nathaniel Penalosa) has been indicted for 10 drug-related crimes, including the manufacturing, distribution and use of LSD, MDMA and Modafinil.

Three other military trainees, who have been purchasing and using MDMA better known as molly on the darknet markets, have also recorded statements against him.

They have been granted some level of immunity.

One of the witnesses, David Chong, says that Penalosa tricked him into believing that by using the drugs from darknet markets his academics would improve.

Despite the three witness statements, they could still face punishment from the training center such as expulsion from school.

Before the arrest, Nathaniel has had quite a reputation at the school.

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At fall during a random dorm inspection, he was found with suspicious paraphernalia including electric scales, small bags, alcohol, drug residue and sexually explicit magazines.

Officials kept a keener eye on him up to his final arrest.

He now faces a possible 15-yr. imprisonment sentence for narcotics distribution.

Liam ReynoldsStill on the same note, another student from Leeds Metropolitan University, Liam Reynolds (21), has been given a 4-yr. jail term by the courts for buying molly, LSD and bhang from darknet markets and selling to other fellow students in the university.

During his arrest, the 21-yr.-old stated that he wasn’t working alone but rather with help from an entire drug distribution network with him as the leader.

Their operation base was one of the member’s residence at Headingley Mount community.

According to police statements, Reynolds was influenced by the fictional character Walter White in television series Breaking Bad, which features a high school chemistry teacher who shifts focus into the drug business.

Reynolds’ gang had been careless with its darknet markets activities and this could explain why the police arrested them so fast.

Cops found incriminating texts messages, alongside photos of drugs and images where gang members openly posed with narcotics and cash.

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