Twitter Founders’ Personal Information Released on DOXBIN

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The names, addresses, and Social Security numbers for Twitter founders and CEO have been published to the website DOXBIN, in what appears to be a retaliation for account suspensions.

The leaked details included data on Twitter co-founders’ Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Noah Glass, along with chief executive Dick Costolo.

Their full Social Security numbers were published and in some cases even mobile phone numbers, date-of-birth and previous postal addresses.

It’s not entirely clear where the data came from.
But, at the top of the page it suggested the release of the information was in retaliation for suspending a number of accounts on the microblogging service.

“Twitter suspended @doxbin for ‘excessive mentions’ and then refused to provide any support via the ticket system for the account,” it read.

DOXBIN, the site where this data was found is a dark net website, used by Tor, the anonymous browsing network, which is not searchable by companies like Google or Microsoft.

Your TOR usage is being watched

While most search engines remove illegal content, what they can’t find they can’t do much about.

DOXBIN received considerable attention earlier in the year when it claimed to have hacked and taken down the Hidden Wiki after they refused to remove links to child exploitation websites.

If the owner of DOXBIN is behind the release of information and the Hidden Wiki hack, then they certainly don’t seem like a force to be reckoned with!

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  1. Ray Johnson

    doxbin IS searchable by google and other search engines! built a php interface that serves the illegal darknet TOR content where google can serve it and cache it. and google refuses to de-index it! this is the response you get from google, an idiotic and infuriating form letter:

    ” wrote:


    Thanks for your report. Your personal information has been publicly posted by a user of the reported site. For the most effective resolution, we recommend that you report your concern to the site owner.

    Many content platforms have removal policies and offer the ability to report specific pieces of content. Consult the website for details on how to make a report, or use Google to search the web for information on how to do so. For example, try searching for the website’s name and “report content”.

    If the site owners choose to remove the page, it will be fully removed from all search engines, including Google after we re-crawl and re-index it.

    If the site owners decide to edit the page by removing the information, you can request the removal of the cached version of the page from Google by following these instructions.

    For any additional questions, please visit our help forum.

    The Google Team”


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