The Medical Benefits Of MDMA

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From our pre-teens, all the way into early adulthood, we are confronted with stories of people taking drugs to fit in.

We are informed of the evils of peer pressure and told that we don’t need to take drugs to look cool.
But are there deeper social benefits to taking certain drugs such as MDMA?

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Over the past few years, our hard-line policies against drugshavegone out of fashion.

Studies into drugs such as marijuana have led to its use for medical purposes, and its subsequent legalization in a number of areas.

Now, recent research could make MDMA the next drug to join this list.

A string of recent studies into those who suffer from social anxiety, have shown that in quite a large number of cases, the patients can benefit from taking certain psychedelic drugs.

The research, though heavily questioned at first, is now making headway around the world.

A vast number of testimonials from people such as Rachel Hope, who was a sufferer of severe Post Traumatic stress Disorder, have stated that their anxiety could never have been overcome without the use of MDMA.

MDMA has the effect of removing the inhibitions of the user, allowing them to forget their fears of socialization.

In the same way as a rave-goer can gain the power to dance as if no one’s watching, a person with social anxiety can approach people un-awkwardly and form a closer relationship, while on MDMA.

The studies would suggest that the prescription of MDMA for sufferers of conditions such as Autism or Asperger’s could provide very significant benefits.

Further to this some research is showing that MDMA could benefit non-sufferers also.

While on MDMA, people are able to open up to others about their emotions, in ways that they would not have been able to otherwise.

In this way they can form more meaningful relationships than they would have been able to otherwise.

The studies have inevitably drawn a large amount of criticism from various sources.

In some studies, the number of patients tested has come under fire from those who say that the results are still inconclusive.

The stigma associated with drug use and of course the illegality of psychedelics will prevent many people from using them.

However the results are interesting, and shouldn’t be ignored.

Definitely in this new age of laxer drug regulations, we are much more open to the possibilities of alternative medicines.

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