Silk Road Gone, But Dark Net Drugs Trade Stronger Than Ever

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Just over two weeks ago, Judge Katherine Forrest handed down a life without parole sentence to Ross Ulbricht, the convicted former head of the Silk Road.
The sentence was aimed as a deterrent to all others who would seek to follow in the footprints of the infamous Dread Pirate Roberts.

However, all recent reports seem to insist that the opposite has happened.

In the aftermath of the Silk Road, the online drugs trade is experiencing an economic boom like never before.

According to the 2015 global drugs survey, 23% of 100,000 surveyed said that they had bought drugs online for the first time in 2014, up 10% from the previous year.

According to Reddit Dark net Markets, the Deep Web drug marketplaces have seen a threefold increase in sales in the past eight months.

It would appear that the wide publicity garnered by the long and complicated legal case of the Silk Road actually did a lot to raise the profile of online drugs trade.

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Thanks to this new found fame (or infamy) the Dark Net is being seen as a major shopping district for addicts from all over the world.

Many wondered about the sense of giving the longest possible sentence to Ulbricht; however, few could have predicted the backlash that it has created.

Those who knew something of the online drugs trade knew full well that the fall of the Silk Road would not lead to the fall of the trade as a whole.

Now what has been described as a rotating cast of 25 or so smaller marketplaces fill the great void that was left behind.

These markets are in constant competition with each other, and as such are becoming more and more user-friendly.

The description of the Agora marketplace as a sort of disturbed EBay is no longer just in relation to its content.

The sites are now designed in an attractive manner, with all the trimmings of a Surface Website.

Whatever way you choose to look at it, the net result is the same; the extraordinarily long sentence for Ross Ulbricht has not dampened the spirits of online drug dealers in any way shape or form.

In fact now many more sites are springing up, trying to break their way out into the mainstream, for that is what these sites have become.

Like we all expected, the sentencing of Ulbricht has changed the Dark Net drastically, however, that said, it most definitely was not the change that Judge Forrest was expecting.

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    too true. For me the *only* problem I encountered was the bit coin ordeal. Buying was such a hassle I gave up. Too bad, it took a long time to feel safe in this areana and to be accepted. I had the dough, found a reputable vendor who received consistent, top reviews, my product was available, I had entered all the info,, wallet established except for BTC dep. I was ready. But the btc issue made me really uncomfortable – I could meet a total stranger, alone, in some weird place to hand over $$$ cash /money order or make a purchase using a no-limit credit card provided I send copies of my passport and drivers license to strangers prior to permitting charge. Why not give them my birth certificate, social security number, and bank accounts while I’m at it, no such thing as identity theft nor global warming. I gave up.

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