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Name: Text Secure


Messaging AppTextSecure is an open-source messaging app for exchanging encrypted messages made by Open Whisper Systems.

All messages send through TextSecure are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that they are encrypted before being sent and decrypted after arriving on recipient’s device.

This makes it impossible for any third party to intercept sensitive data being traded.

TextSecure uses AES-256, Curve25519 and HMAC-SHA256 for encryption and while all keys are being stored on the device, they are encrypted before they are stored to prevent theft.

Your TOR usage is being watched

If the user is uncertain of the authenticity of other person’s identity there is a possibility of verifying it through the use of key fingerprint.

Key fingerprint is essentially a code which one can exchange with whoever they wish to speak to privately.

When prompting for key fingerprint via TextSecure, a code will be sent to the other person if the code they gave you beforehand and the one displayed on your screen match you can be sure that there is nobody trying to intercept you communication.

Another interesting thing to note is that this app gained significant recognition after the E. Snowden case where he openly stated that you should “Use anything by Open Whisper Systems.”


Text Secure Message Inbox

The number one thing one should look for when installing any software meant to protect their identity and that TextSecure provided from day 1 is whether said software is open-source.

This makes it impossible for anyone to implement any backdoors or interception techniques without the users noticing and it also shows that the software is indeed user-security-oriented.

The other benefit of this app is in the fact that while it is a freeware, there are no ads implemented and all the development is funded by the donations made from the community.

Lastly but not least importantly, the TextSecure messaging app allows you to send multimedia content as well as text messages, which is quite rare for applications of this nature.



The only current drawback of the TextSecure messaging app is that it is not compatible with any other messaging system.

While this is probably done to remove the possibility of a security breach being blamed on it, but is actually thanks to another app, it is still inconvenient and is worth being kept in mind if one decides to use this app.


You can download the TextSecure messaging app from Google Play from this link:

More Info:

While it is among the best ones, TextSecure is far from being the only secure messaging app on the market.

It is also worth to look into Wickr and Ricochet.

There are also other options for exchanging instant messages securely like using the combination of Pidgin and Off-the-Record plugin.

There was also the app called “Surespot,” but it was found out that is seized by LE and its anonymity protection compromised.

Lastly, there is a comprehensive guide on how to create a “safe-phone” which cannot be tracked back to its user on this page:

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