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Name: Lelantos


Lelantos is a secure and anonymous email service operating and offering its services to Tor users.

Given its nature as an anonymous email provider, Lelantos can only be accessed using a Tor browser.

Their service has highly positive reviews and is widely considered the best anonymous email service when it comes to protecting privacy and anonymity.

It has 2 different interfaces, the difference between the two being the use of JavaScript.

While their RoundCube uses JavaScript and looks more modern, for those looking for added security it is advised to use the non-JS SquirrelMail interface.


Sign Up For Lelantos Email ServicesOne of the most notable benefits that Lelantos provides is the use of clean domain names that allow you to hide your Tor usage from other people.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Another good thing, although of less concern if you are diligently encrypting your emails as you should, is that Lelantos allows its users to upload their own private key, which in turn is used to automatically encrypt unencrypted emails upon reaching the server.

For those looking for that little extra when it comes to preserving their anonymity, Lelantos offers the possibility of creating up to a 100 fake identities all with their own temporary email addresses.


While there are very few complaints when it comes to Lelantos and the way they do business there are some disadvantages to using it.

Firstly, is the fact that unlike some other secure anonymous email services it is not free and a lifetime account on Lelantos will set you back 0.136 Bitcoin or approximately $32.

The second thing about it, that may deter a casual user, is its apparent complexity.

With all of its features and added security measures, Lelantos may be a little hard to pick up at first and those who are just looking to add an extra layer of security to their personal emails.

One last thing is that while their support staff does indeed respond to inquiries, there are reports that they take an exceptionally long time or do not reply at all which is a little disappointing for a paid service.


Lelantos or any other email service, secure or otherwise do not require any download.

Instead it can be accessed from this .onion link: https://lelantoss7bcnwbv.onion/

More Info:

Lelantos Email ServicesWhile Lelantos is the best secure anonymous email service currently available, there are other free options for those who are not looking to cash out for something like this.

Sigaint, a close contender to Lelantos is a service which offers both a paid and a free plan.

Free users will not have the access to the whole range of security measures offered, but will nonetheless enjoy greatly increased anonymity and information protection.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anyone considering using this service should be aware that because you can only reach this server through Tor, it can only send e-mails to on Tor. You can’t use it to send an e-mail to your friend on GMail or Yahoo! E-mail servers won’t receive e-mails from servers that they can’t resolve.


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