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The Dark Net is a great many things, but it is most definitely not user-friendly.

A collection of sites with non-word URLs, and none of which are indexed, does not lend itself to free and easy browsing.

While some search engines have made noble attempts at cataloguing sites, so far I have found that none are particularly effective.

Filling this void is a cluster of Clear Net sites that have become inextricably linked with the Dark Net, and the fight for internet anonymity.

Probably the foremost of these sites has to be Reddit. With /r/DarkNetMarkets and /r/Darknet, Reddit has large sections of its site dedicated to the Dark Net.
The forum style of the site is perfect for discussion, and has allowed for the promotion of Dark Net Markets such as the Silk Road and Agora.

It has also greatly contributed to the Dark Net community, as users are constantly rating their favorite vendors, and warning others of known scams.

Your TOR usage is being watched

One particular example I can think of came in the wake of the Evolution exit scam, a thread on DarkNetMarkets was warning potential customers of the scam while deposits were still being taken by the site.

This link has drawn quite an amount of controversy on the site which was already heavily frowned upon for its uncensored forums.

In fact US law enforcement issued a subpoena for information on five regular users of /r/DarkNetMarkets.

However, Reddit correctly recognized that this was not in fact legally binding so no details were handed over.

However, the link has definitely been solidified in people’s minds and Reddit and Dark Net Markets have become closely associated with one another.


Another website which has been linked to the Dark Web is of course 4chan.

However, it’s never developed the same friendly nature, which to be fair is not exactly surprising; it’s a controversial website to say the least.

However, that said it does promote a strong campaign for internet anonymity.

Anon in greentext stories may be source of laughter to most, however, any forum that allows for threads to be started by an anonymous user is making a big statement.

As such 4chan has been linked with the Dark Web through some of the most dramatic security breaches over the last few years.

And who could forget sites such as Deep Dot Web which provide news on which sites are active, and have multiple contacts from the ranks of the Dark Net’s largest vendors.

Countless others like it exist, and together with Reddit and 4chan, they bring the Dark Net to the surface so that anyone can access it.

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