Interview With Boogie, The Evolution Market Spokesperson

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So, we have done a good few interviews recently and here is another one to add to the list. We were very lucky to have bagged an interview with Boogie, the PR Spokesperson for Evolution marketplace.

Deep Dot Web also had an interview with Boogie last week which can be seen here.

Evolution is is now the 3rd largest marketplace on the deep web by its number of listings and they have a rapidly growing user base.

They have a strong community and have been praised a number of times on their great support.

Evolution has recently launched multi-sig transactions, the safest way to conduct business on dark web markets.

The market has a nice clean interface and is extremely easy to navigate around.

Your TOR usage is being watched

If you have not already done so, we suggest you check it out!

The Interview

How long have you been working within the Evolution team?
I’ve actually only been employed at evolution for only 2 weeks (as of 8/5/14). However, I’ve been part of the evolution community since the the site first launched and have know most of the staff much longer before Evo.

What is your role within the team?

I am in charge of Public Relations, the spokesperson for Evo’s community.

I am the man with plan and out in the field by promoting Evolution’s community.

I talk and converse with both prospective and current users, presenting them the features of Evolution and what we are all about.

I love doing this because I always love meeting and talking to new people.

You will always see me in the forums cutting up and having a good time 🙂

I see you are also a vendor, how did you get become an Evolution team member?

I am indeed smile Since evolution is growing at an alarming rate, The Evo staff placed a job offer for a PR position. After thinking about it for some time, I went ahead and applied. I figure since I’m in the forums quite a bit and friends with everyone on staff, might as well help them out while by doing something I actually enjoy and with great people too.

What is your favourite thing about being involved in Evolution?

Hands down, I love the community. Everyone on the forums has a great time doing business, making friends, joking around, and working together to call out scammers and oust them. That’s what I love about Evo. The community is like a neighborhood bar that you go to and know everyone’s name.

How many people are running Evolution Market?

We’re a close-knit group that work passionitly together in order to keep Evolution running strong and all the users happy 🙂

How has Evolution “evolved” since it started?

Since Evolution first started, our number have grown significantly over the last few months. Right now, there are over 38,000 users with an average of 500-1000 registrations a day. The market is constantly growing, adding new features, and also adding a new scam protection method but restricting new vendors from asking for FE without meeting the requirements stated in our wiki.

What do you think makes you stand out compared to other markets?

I feel our strong and highly active community combined wit a staff that is caring, quick to resolving issues, and also participate in the community are what really makes Evolution stand out.

Have you learned from the mistakes of any other markets?

Everyone has seen many markets come and go throughout the deep web for many differnet reasons. We hate to see that happen as we have a respect for all major markets (with the exception of scammer markets of course, lol). We find that the best strategy is to focus on your own market on how to make it stronger without worrying about everyone else. It’s crucial to ensure that all of our users are happy, because that makes us happy.

Are you currently working on any new features (if so what and when)?

After the release of multi-sig, there hasn’t been any mention of major changes as of yet. However, you never know what the admins have up their sleeve 😉

But we are currently working on some minor changes in the market. Mostly cosmetic and changing other features to make the market more smoother and user-friendly.

You recently launched multi-sig transactions, how was that received? Were there any issues with the implementation and/or launch?

It has been received quite well and we’re happy for that. I believe helping it become more user friendly and understandable has made it very welcoming by the community. It still a new feature so we are interested to observing how everyone still responds to the new multi-sig.

Where do you see Evolution market in a year’s time?

Hopefully not seized by the FBI, lmao j/k. Honestly, we would love to see how Evolution will evolve over time. As technology and efficiency increase, we believe our system will enhance as well in order to keep Evolution running smooth and safe. However, we will surely keep our philosophy, customer service, and our community relations the same for years to come.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, we always love to hear feedback from our community and anyone else who may have questions or concerns. Never hesitate to contact us for anything that is on your mind. Have fun and stay safe out there everyone 🙂


The guys at Evolution seem like a great bunch. Although still pretty young, we have good hopes for the marketplace going forward. This is definitely one to watch!

Thanks again to Boogie for the interview.

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