Hollywood Actress Rose McGowan Turns Herself in to Virginia Police Department

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Hollywood actress Rose McGowan surrenders herself to police on drug possession charges.

Rose McGowan, a prolific Hollywood actress, has turned herself into a local Virginia police department resulting from an arrest warrant.

She is accused of leaving luggage inside the Washington Dulles International Airport which contained substances that tested positive for narcotics.

The case has been active for long as the warrant was issued back in the beginning of 2017. Since then, the Hollywood actress has been free although the police had been actively seeking her arrest.

McGowan has been the face of successful women in the fields of acting. She has been featured in many famous television series and movies throughout her career, most of which have received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

She is also a model and singer.

Her role in the television series Charmed made her even more popular among TV audiences and critics alike.

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Rose McGowan has recently made news headlines for coming forward with sexual assault and harassment allegations against television and film producer Harvey Weinstein.

McGowan’s retelling of her experience coincides that of more than 80 women in the film industry—all of whom came forward with similar accounts about Weinstein over the last few months.

This is after a long period of silence and fear of victimization in their careers by their producer.

In addition to the sexual assault allegations, McGowan has also said Weinstein bribed her with money, all in the name of trying to silence her to avoid involving law enforcement.

The game, according to the Hollywood actress, has not gone far as she has come forward to share her experience with the general public.

She voiced many of her concerns about the incident on Twitter, including discussing her arrest warrant. She claims that her producer is on the purge to finish her career and frame her with all sorts of charges in case she doesn’t keep the silence.

Since the allegations came fully known by the public and emerged as a controversial topic, the companies that had initially employed Harvey Weinstein have all terminated him for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Weinstein has consistently denied the charges and tried to defend his legacy as a film producer. Many other cases of sexual harassment have been reported worldwide by women who have worked with Weinstein, including in London, China and many other nations.

The Weinstein allegations sparked an international movement of women coming forward with stories of sexual assault and harassment from powerful men in society—hailing from the film and television industry as well as stand up comedy, live entertainment, business, radio, news media and politics.

woman showing a note with the text me too
hashtag #MeToo made an impact on social media

An online hashtag #MeToo brought the movement to average social media users so they could also share their experiences and be heard.

The impact of this movement has been termed the Weinstein effect.

According to Rose McGowan, she has not responded to her arrest for security reasons. She claims that Weinstein has hired goons to silence her and they have been following her since then.

The Virginia police department has not yet confirmed the allegations made by Rose McGowan on Weinstein. According to the police, they are after the Hollywood actress for having contrabands with her luggage which was left at the airport.

But McGowan claims her luggage did not have anything that was narcotic-positive, which leads her to believe the scenario was staged and the drugs were put in her bags to brand her as a drug trafficker.

Although the police have not yet commented on her case, the Hollywood actress remains on the watch list of the police for further investigation.

On the side of Rose McGowan, she has hired a lawyer based in Virginia who is facing a significant challenge as the evidence cited and collected by the Virginia police is enough to lock the Hollywood actress in prison for the next few years.

At the moment, the Hollywood actress is released on an unsecured bond of about $5,000, according to a police spokesperson. This was concluded after she turned herself in to the police in Loudoun County Adult Detention Center.

Rose McGowan has hired private investigators to look finer into the warrant the police. She wants to find out whether the warrant was legitimate as there might be possibilities of her oppressors colluding with law enforcement.

Her lawyer argues that the airport’s officers meddled with the Hollywood actress’s bags and planted the drugs during the time she did not have access to her bags.

The flight attendants have not responded to the allegations made by McGowan and remain silent.

Considering that McGowan has already turned herself in to police, the case is up and running whereby the police are collecting more details on the matter. The dates for the next hearing are not yet known to the public as the investigations are continuing on both parties.

At the moment, the tension between the Hollywood actress and the former producer Harvey Weinstein remains high due to the confrontation between them. Only time will tell what the case has hidden and precisely what happened in the airport.



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