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Notwithstanding the fact that many of the users of drugs are aware about the benefits of getting a high when using drugs is miniscule when compared to the devastating effects they can have on life afterwards, the modern junkies are turning to some of the most baffling drugs that one can think of.

This article briefly gives a bottom-to-top list of ten of the most bizarre drugs that are currently in the circuit today.

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Drug Addiction

#10: Ayahuasca

Used by South American native tribes for their shamanistic rituals, Ayahuasca is a concoction of jungle plants and a powerful hallucinogen.

Short-term effects are purportedly life changing. The musician Sting started playing the lute when on a high with Ayahuasca!

#9: Devil’s Breath

Scopolamine is blown into the victim’s faces to get them to do just about anything.

Victims willingly empty their bank accounts or have the most bizarre sex and get up the next day without a clue of what has happened.

This Columbian drug surely lives up to its name of Devil’s Breath.

#8: Sisa

Costing only a fraction of coke, drugs like this currently in vogue among the Greek junkies causes more-than-normal aggressive behavior..

Users of such drugs reportedly beat people to a pulp. Some of them even tore off the famed marble statues’ heads.

#7: Bath Salts

Also known by the name bath salts, these designer narcotic drugs can be procured from street drug peddlers and shady websites operating anonymously.

These dangerously addictive drugs may even cause the users to eat their own feces in addition to involving in other strange abnormal behavior.

#6: Smoking Alcohol

Smoking Alcohol

You can literally snuff alcohol gas (ethanol) without the accompanying calories to get a high. This alcohol nebulizer causes no vomiting and ensures alcohol stays in your system for longer.

#5: Purple Drank

You can now make drugs that get you on a high with just your kitchen ingredients.

Mixing a glass of fruit juice with cough syrup gives a concoction with a purple hue which gave rise to its name.

The CNS depressant in the syrup can cause a fatal respiratory arrest (drugs overdose) and surely rot your teeth if you live to see the rest.

#4: Zolpidem

These sleep-inducing drugs can cause side effects such as sleepwalking or, worse still, sleep-driving.

Crazy acts like projectile vomiting while sleeping in the bed have been reported by users.

#3: HGH

Excessive intake of the human growth hormone (HGH) causes bizarre side effects such as causing the skin to become thicker, swelling of hands and feet and the jawline becoming more prominent with the result that the teeth have more space between them (acromegaly).

To top it all, HGH in the earliest days was sourced from dead bodies.

#2: Etorphine

This drug is one hundred times more potent than heroin and can instantly kill humans.

It can cause an overdose merely by skin contact.

One-hundredth of a gram of this drug can be used to knock off an elephant weighing 3000 kg.

#1: Krokodil

This is a Russian version of heroin (desomorphine) obtained by cooking up lighter fluid and kitchen cleaning oils.

Krokodil has horrific side effects including turning the skin scaly and eating away the flesh in addition to giving the user a heroin-like high.

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  1. Irvin

    These stories are only part accurate. The writer leaves out a lot of important info. Example: it’s true crockodil has horrible side effects. You leave out an important fact and that is its made using codeine along with gasoline or another flammable ingredient.
    I read several articles as I was blown away that a human being would do such.

  2. Anonymous

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