Drug Markets Are Operating On The Clearnet

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It’s now possible to purchase hard drugs through normal Internet sites such as Chemical Love and Forbidden Market.

Until recently, such operations could only be conducted on Dark Web networks which only registered individuals had access to.

Drug Markets Are Operating On The Clearnet

“Chemical Love” uses German-language as the main means of communication and can be accessed through regular browsers.

Unlike dark web sites, anonymization technology isn’t required when visiting this drug bazaar.

They are quite candid about their operations such that the homepage clearly states they sell cocaine, methamphetamine and molly.

The administrators even have a YouTube ad where people can learn more on how the dark web site works.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Feedback from a German discussion forum suggests that Chemical Love is legit, with many apparently happy customers posting positive comments about the services they have received.

Another similar website is known as “Forbidden Market”, administered by an individual who goes by the pseudonym of “Mr. Evil”.

Though this portal features an onion dark web address, it also has a clearnet link that regular browsers can reach it.

Likewise, the landing page has been tagged with a link to another site which helps users register for online currency account via cash or unsolicited bank deposits.

According to Mr. Evil, the actual location of their server still remains hidden though Clearnet is available for all Internet users

According to Mr. Evil, the actual location of their server still remains hidden though Clearnet is available for all Internet users.

This way, dealers won’t have to worry about regular websites recording their respective IP addresses, since the proxy site which Forbidden Market uses automatically turns off these logs.

Despite all these security measures to hide identity, a little digging on one of the sites revealed an email address, phone number and address used for registering it.

Though the information doesn’t point to any real location or individual, they still pose a security risk which agents can use when tracking down people.

In spite of the ever-growing nature of dark web, vendors are beginning to realize that moving to mainstream websites is more beneficial.

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  1. rick

    Would love to learn more

  2. Anonymous

    chemical love’s a rip off. lost 160.00,no order,no email responses

  3. Anonymous

    Chemical Love is busted dude. .

    • jay armstrong

      how do u know tha

  4. jay armstrong

    Wow im glad somebody else got rippepd off, i thought I was the only one. I lost over 1200.00 to this site, same thing they are a scam, people, a scam. No product, no emails no nothing. Buyer Beware

  5. Anonymous

    Always do a small order first. If they don’t offer small test orders, they are scam!


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