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Deep WebOne of the things that first got me interested in the Dark Web was the stories that friends of mine told me of dark web sites that they had visited.

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Your TOR usage is being watched

I then began searching the web for other such tales, though it was not long before I realized I needed to get them first-hand.

In the spirit of this, I’ve decided to put together a small collection of dark web tales here in this article.

The Confessions Site:

The confessions site is probably the creepiest site I have ever come across myself.

On this dark web site, you are greeted with a long list of short paragraphs, each with a different author.

At the top of the page a message invites you to confess your sins for everyone to see.

As you scroll down through the homepage, you see that the paragraphs, each beginning with “Forgive me father for I have sinned,” are the confessions of other visitors.

I was drawn to this pretty much in the same way as I am drawn to greentext 4chan stories, but I was fairly horrified by what I saw.

The confessions ranged from simple faults, to more serious crimes, and even one murder.

Whether the stories were true or not, I will never know, but the place still freaked me out.

The Low-key Dealer:

This is a story I’ve taken from Reddit’s Deep Web stories thread.

“While I personally never received anything from any deep web affiliated salesfolk, I did live with a roommate who would constantly receive the strangest brochures.

At first we’d receive brochures for like, cruise lines and the like, I wrote it off as junk mail but they came so frequently, and they started getting stranger.
Christian mingle brochures, petting zoo brochures, brochures for any and all services one can think of.

I kind of felt like someone was gaslighting me but I never said anything and the brochures would disappear as quickly as they came so I didn’t have time to stress it, until one day I walked in and my roommate was delicately cutting into a brochure and pulling out a small baggie of powder, he had hooked up with the most low key dealer I’d ever seen.”

The Searcher:

Another Reddit story, this one however comes from the comments under what was in itself a fairly creepy tale.

“I posted a comment on a video, and when I went back to that page to watch the video later, someone replied to my comment saying: “That is very astute of you Mr. (insert my last name)”

I didn’t internet for like a week.

My last name is not a common one.”

A nice quick fright there, however, this was posted in the comments:

“I once had a contest with an anonymous Internet friend to see which of us could find the other first.

I used his username to find an account he had made on a counter strike server that linked his first name and high school.

I used that with his birth year (which was my same year) to pull up his year book that was posted online.

I searched through it using some of his basic hobbies and found a good match for him (giving me his last name).

Searched for him on pipl and found his parents’ home address and phone number.


He threw in the towel immediately. Although 2 weeks later through an obscure article I posted to my college newspaper he found my home address and phone number.”

So journey to the dark web, and when you get a dark web story of your own, which you will, share it for everyone to see!

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