Darknet Markets: Frontier Of “Cognitive Liberty”

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Walsh is of the opinion that prohibition of drugs negates a person’s right of cognitive liberty.

It’s a human right to be able to use psychedelic drugs.

These are the words of a respected lawyer and a top lecturer at a top British University.

The lawyer, known as Charlotte Walsh, has also recognized the work being done by darknet markets saying they are doing an excellent job to prevent governments from taking this right away from citizens.

Walsh said this when she addressed a gathering at a psychedelic drug forum dubbed: Horizons:

Perspectives on Psychedelics. She singled out Silk Road, a famous Internet-based drugs market.

She said Silk Road started an insurmountable movement around the idea that people should be allowed to consume what they can afford.

Your TOR usage is being watched

She said that the establishment of darknet markets could best be viewed as an example of unrestricted underground movements that are helping societies make progress.

She added that these developments could also be seen spelling death to prohibition and control by governments.

Denial of Cognitive Liberty

Walsh is of the opinion that prohibition of drugs negates a person’s right of cognitive liberty.

This, according to the academician-cum-lawyer, is the right to be in charge of your own mental consciousness, cognition and processes that should not be denied by anyone, not even governments.

Noting the exceptions to prohibit the use of drugs for religious ceremonies, Walsh argues that drugs need to be available to every individual as part of their fundamental rights to be in charge of their consciousness.

“Like the proverbial hydra, every time a head is chopped off, it grows another one.”

Referring to a book by Mike Power called Drugs Unlimited, Walsh said that Silk Road architects have made important steps in their quest to fight the draconian drug laws.

In less than 2 years, Silk Road administrators have achieved what has evaded thousands since the 60’s by using ingenuity and technology.

This is a person’s right to buy as well as sell artificial and natural chemicals that impact on their consciousness without the interference from governments.

This is an important step that will not be easily reversed, she was quoted as saying.

She said that the darknet markets such as Silk Road introduced important harm reduction strategies which have made the use of psychedelic drugs less dangerous and at the same time more accessible to users.

According to her, the judge in the case against Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, rejected completely.

Walsh said that despite Silk Road being clumped down and eventually being shut down, the chain reactions that its creation inspired cannot simply be stopped.

Although Ulbricht paid the ultimate price with his freedom, darknet markets websites such as Silk Road continue proliferating on the web, Walsh said.

Just like the proverbial hydra, every time that its head is chopped off, it grows a new one.

There will always be new darknet markets to replace the ones shut down by governments.

This is viewed as a great thing, especially if you look at it from the point of view of radical rights.

Backed by Data

Walsh’s sentiments are supported by scientific data.

According to a global drug survey of 2015, the number of people who bought drugs on darknet markets increased after the shutdown of Silk Road in 2013.

According to the good lecturer, the proliferation of these darknet markets will eventually force states to rethink drug laws and their control of people’s cognitive liberty.

Ross William Ulbricht created darknet market Silk Road
It’s a human right to be able to use psychedelic drugs.

Being a member of the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service (ICEERS), a non-profit organization, Walsh’s work involves protecting the “liberty.”

Her work also involves assisting with legal defenses for individuals with cases related to ethnobotanicals such as peyote and ayahuasca.

Walsh said that sometimes she is forced to defend drug use from the perspective of freedom of religion.

This is despite her belief that anybody should be allowed to the substances irrespective of their beliefs.

It’s important that we work with a system that we have in our possession and then gradually move forward.

This is because we don’t expect that prohibition will collapse overnight.

It will crumble step-by-step, Walsh added.

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