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CyberScrub SoftwareCyberScrub is software used for safely and completely erasing data from your drive.

It is a fact that erasing data or formatting a hard drive does not remove the data completely but rather just the entry in the filesystem, telling the operating system that the given space on your drive is free.

CyberScrub offers multiple different methods of wiping your drive in a way that will render any potential data on it inaccessible even to data recovery tools.

It can be used to erase evidence from your drive in case the need to do so arises or simply to wipe the drive of any data before selling it or throwing it away.

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The most obvious benefit of CyberScrub is the large amount of features it provides in regards to data security.

As a first measure it will help in increasing your safety while surfing and make sure that your data remains safe, by offering security risk monitoring and data encryption.

If worse comes to worst and you need to get rid of the data on your drive, CyberScrub offers the possibility of a complete data wipe form your computer.

All of this comes with a relatively-easy to use interface as well as command line functionality.


The one big drawback of this software is the fact that it is not freeware.

While there are multiple other free software for performing data wipes and even the possibility of doing so from a command line, CyberScrub remains a paid software, justifying it with highest quality of its service.

Another downside to CyberScrub and data wiping software in general is the time it takes to complete the task.

Depending on the size and the complexity of the wipe, the process can take from several hours up to several days.

This makes it unusable in case of emergency, but still remains a good option when performing a planned wipe.

Lastly, as mentioned above its interface is “relatively” easy to use, meaning that new users and those not on the tech-savvy side may have some issues navigating it in the beginning.


You can buy CyberScrub off of their official site here:

There is still not a free version of CyberScrub available on their site.

More Info:

CyberScrub Control Panel

When visiting the CyberScrub website you will see that there are three products offered by them.

Each of them is a similar tool but there are differences to be aware of.

Firstly the CyberScrub Security is a general, all-purpose security tool made to keep your machine safe from any security risks both on and offline.

The CyberScrub Privacy Suite offers the option of concealing your browser usage completely and erasing any evidence from Internet browsing all together.

The third product, CyberScrub cyberCide is a tool used to perform a complete and secure data wipe.

It can do so using several different algorithms of user’s choice and even offers the possibility to users to create their own, custom wiping algorithms.

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