Coleraine Man Arrested For Running Darkweb Drugs Operation

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A man has been arrested and charged with running a darkweb drug operation from his bedroom.

Richard Sinclair, a 32-year-old male from Cranagh Road,Coleraine,was busted in an operation where Northern Ireland officials targeted criminals selling drugs over the darkweb.

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The drugs nabbed during the operation include marijuana, ecstasy and diazepam tablets.

The value of the items obtained is estimated at £100,000.

When officers made entry into Sinclair’s bedroom, they found him attempting to destroy a memory stick that is believed to have contained incriminating information.

Alongside him was a computer, which displayed dozens of transactions conducted over the darkweb.


For a long time, Mr. Sinclair had been supplying drugs to a vast network of clients across Northern Ireland, but England was his main market.

While a majority of the transactions between the drug dealer and his clients were conducted by means of bitcoins, there are some who paid cash for the products.

The courier system was the main form of transportation, with the darkweb dealer and his customers exchanging a pile of jig-saw puzzles meant to mask the nature of their communication.

MDMA tablets

The police also retrieved cash, LSD and MDMA tablets during the raid.

Evidence shows that at the time of arrest, the darkweb dealer was mapping out a strategy in which he would drop 1,000 MDMA tablets across locations in his area of operation within a single week.

Authorities in Northern Ireland say that Mr. Sinclair used the proceeds from the sale of drugs to feed his gambling habit, with over £200,000 found to have been deposited in his betting account.

He ran his darkweb operations with the help of an accomplice, Kyle Hall, a 25-year-old from Chamberlain Street, Belfast. Mr. Hall’s home was also raided and packages containing Class A drugs seized.

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