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Name: Bonsaii DocShred C156-C 8-Sheet Micro-Cut


As far as physical shredders go, there are several factors that need to be looked into when deciding on the right ones.

They are the speed of the shredders measured by the amount of material that it can process at once, the capacity, the security and the variety of types of materials the shredders can process.

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Arguably the most important thing to worry about in our case is the security of the shredders in question.

There are three different types of shredders, in this regard all of which have a different method of shredding.

The cross-cut and strip shredders are inferior in this regard since the documents they process can still be reassembled relatively easily which can allow data extraction.

This is particularly important when shredding plain paper documents.

The micro cut shredder creates very small pieces when shredding (4mm x 10mm for this particular model) making the paper files processed 99% unusable and other things like credit cards, CDs and such completely destroyed.


A paper shredder

As stated above the most important benefit of Bonsaii DocShred is its ability to shred anything into very small pieces making your documents safe from virtually any data extraction.

The other upside to it is its compact size which allows it to be much more portable compared to other shredders.

Lastly, the motor of Bonsaii Docshred is made to be quite sturdy for a personal shredder and there is little chance that its users will encounter overheating problems when using it.



One of the main drawbacks of Bonsaii DocShred is that since it is a personal shredder its capacity is limited compared to other bulkier models.

Even when the documents shredded end up in small pieces which makes for a more compact storage, there will be times when several baskets will be needed in case of larger quantities of files.


More information on Bonsaii DocShred and a purchase link can be found here:

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Aside from features like micro cut and compact design, shredders such as the Bonsaii DocShred also have a good live span and a quiet motor.

With all of these features it requires very little maintenance for it to work properly for a good period of time.

At maximum speed it can shred up to 8 documents at once and has an anti-jamming mechanism which makes it ideal for shredding documents in a hurry.

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