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Most of the people who are aware of “Deep Web,” consider it to be a very nefarious place, filled with all kinds of “scary stuff.”

First of all there is a distinct difference between deep web, which is just a huge pile of intangible data not accessible by search engine and darknet which is a collection of sites purposely hidden from search engines for one reason or another.

Your TOR usage is being watched

In any case, deep web, hidden as it is, offers a great breeding ground for any form of illicit action or business and has by now become an online version of the black market.

Here you can buy pretty much anything, drugs, guns and cookies.

Yes cookies, and not the “funny” ones, but rather real, sweet, pieces of pastry that everybody knows and loves, except those on a diet.


The story follows three artists, Gabriella Hileman, May Waver, and Violet Forest who are part of “cybertwee,” who came up with an idea of selling baked goods on deep web as a part of a project that combines “femininity, sweetness, cuteness, and technology.”

An odd combination, one would agree, but the project has already raised $347 dollars on Kickstarter, which will be used for buying ingredients and arranging shipping for finished product.

The ultimate goal that founders of this project are trying to achieve is to raise money for development and easier distribution of gynecological medicine, all the while educating themselves and raising awareness of deep web.

They say that this represents a unique possibility for them and other people to learn more about deep web and the possibilities it offers.

While it has become a place notorious for illegal operations, it still offers some extent of anonymity protection which can be welcome thing to hear after all the news of personal information being monitored on a daily basis.

The whole process of purchasing something from their bakery will closely resemble any other purchase made on a deep web market in order to raise awareness of anonymity protection technologies like encryption and bitcoin.

Cybertwee Website

Everybody who donated more than $5 on a Kickstarter campaign that was hosted before this project was launched will get an exclusive access to a password protected Tumbler page, detailing the steps that need to be taken in order to access the Tor .onion site and buy something. In spirit of true hidden service, all the goods will be purchasable exclusively by bitcoin.

It seems that not just the founders of this project are interested in what will happen when something as innocent as this shows up on deep web.

It certainly is refreshing to see something new every now and then especially on deep web which is known for mostly dark and gritty content.

As it stands this just a start of a series of projects hosted by this group and their further endeavors will be reported on their Facebook, Tumblr, and Tweeter pages.

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