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Authorities last week arrested a man who allegedly received a large shipment of Xanax in the mail from the recently arrested vendor Xanax King.

The suspect, Kory D. Kreider, evaded officers by backing his SUV through a Burger King drive-thru and rammed a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration vehicle before speeding away.

Investigators then used social media to identify the man and arrested him a few days later on counts of assaulting a federal officer with a dangerous weapon and with possession of intent Xanax with intent to supply.

On 29th May, Kreifer was seen at a post office accepting a package linked to Xanax King, the recently busted California-based drug enterprise.

Xanax King accepted online orders via dark web markets such as Silk Road 2 and supplied customers in 46 states via U.S. mail.

They manufactured and sold Xanax, a prescription drug often used to treat anxiety, among other controlled substances, the authorities said.

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It has been reported that a DEA informant was working for Xanax King processing the orders and had been providing agents with a list of customers who bought the prescription drug.

Prior to Kreider’s arrest, agents obtained a search warrant and discovered the suspicious package.

The packaged of course resembled other parcels shipped by Xanax King and contained 1,200 pills.

The package was addressed to a man who told agents that someone must have used his identity without his permission to open a PO box.

The manager of the mailing center told authorities that someone had been calling to check if the parcel had been delivered for days.

After executing the search warrant, investigators asked the manager to dial the number back and tell the caller the parcel had arrived.

After accepting the package and leaving the mailing center, Kreider walked outside to a Chevrolet Tahoe with no license plate, parked at the Burger King in the next block.

At least four agents confronted him and shouted, “Police! Stop and put your hands up!” according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

He then ignored the commands, climbed into the SUV and then “began to reverse the vehicle in a manner showing an attempt to flee and causing the agents to dive out of the vehicle’s path to avoid being hit.”

Agents followed leads from cellphone records over the next few days and ultimately landed on the Facebook page of a man who was apparently a friend or associate of Kreider, court records show.

When they clicked on Kreider’s profile, the criminal complaint says, agents immediately recognized Kreider from his photograph as the man who had eluded them days earlier.

So this is another arrest to add to the list of Xanax King busts. Judging by the fact the DEA had an informant working on the inside, this is probably just the start of a long string of arrests.

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