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It is a well-known fact that innovativeness has been the one fundamental thing, which always brought the greatest profit.

This applies both to the real world as well as the virtual underground of the Dark Web.

Your TOR usage is being watched

One of the more recent stories from dark web talks about an “entrepreneur” who looked into the past and realized that there is potential for profit to be learned from there.

Examples To Domains for SaleA dark web user going by the name Eros Eroy Modzincy, looking up to the practice of domain squatting, realized that a similar principle can be applied to the dark web as well.

For those not aware, dark web domains are not formed in the same way that clearnet domains are.

Instead they are a 16-character, alpha-semi-numeric (letters of the alphabet and numbers from 2 to 7) string of random characters followed by an .onion suffix.

These .onion domain names are generated at random and are usually incomprehensible, but in some cases they can form actual words or phrases that make sense.

Obviously the chances of that happening are statistically very improbable and it is quite rare to see “vanity” domain addresses on dark web.

What Eros Eroy Modzincy has done is, he created and reserved .onion domain addresses continuously until he had a grand total of 40 million addresses.

According to his statement a large majority of those are a usual, incomprehensible mix of characters, but a small number (some 197 thousand) are actually a 16 character readable phrase.

There are also those with 15, 14 and less readable characters and most of these create some pretty weird addresses.

Nonetheless, Eros Eroy Modzincy hopes that somebody will want a particular address he owns and will be willing to pay anywhere from 0.5 Bitcoin to 10 Bitcoin, depending on the set price of the address.

Readables For Tor Domains SaleOne of the main problems of this process and the most voiced out concern is the fact that Tor .onion addresses come with an ownership key that allows full access and control over the respective domain address.

When buying an address from Eros Eroy Modzincy you practically have to trust them to erase said key from their storage, because otherwise they will be able to take full control of the site put up on said domain.

This is particularly worrisome for dark web marketplace owners who need to have a very high concern for the safety of their identity.

In any case, while the idea is good in essence, there are still some loopholes that need to be fixed, before this business method could be fully employed.

This particular story serves to prove that dark web is not only reserved for illegal business and that it is starting to evolve and change, like every other environment that strives on business opportunities.

Even if there are some restrictions to doing business on dark web in an ordinary way, it seems that it is not deterring people like Eros Eroy Modzincy, looking to cash in on new ideas.

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