Dark Net Markets Comparison Chart

Are you trying to find the best darknet market comparison chart? Well look no further, we have complied a list of the best and most popular darkweb markets and made an awesome sortable chart with all of the different markets features.

We even have the total number of listings and total number of drug listings for each different market so you can see what market will give you the biggest selection of goods.

We also have links to the relevant user guides for the different markets so you can see how to access and make purchases from each different darknet market.

We even went one step further and show screen shots of each of the markets so you can know what to expect when checking the darknet market out for yourself. Just click the “eye” icon for each market.

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WARNING: If you are using the darknet markets then you should be using a VPN + Tor.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Do not let yourself believe that Tor is enough to remain secure and anonymous.

We have seen time and time again that Tor and the darknet is vulnerable and not secure so if you only use Tor then you open your self to getting in a whole lot of shit.

To find a good VPN for your darknet market adventure go here, they test the best VPN’s with Tor on the darknet. https://topvpnsoftware.com

Darknet Market Comparison Chart With Screen Shots

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MarketTotal ListingDrug ListingsMarket URLUser GuideRegMultisig?CommissionVendor Bond2FAForced Vendor PGPCreatedScreenshot
Berlusconi Market Down / Offline
CGMC Up / Online
The Hub Down / Offline
ForumForumhttp://thehub7xbw4dc5r2.onion/Click Open//////
The Majestic Garden Down / Offline
//http://talismanrestz7mr.onion/Click RefDonnation BasedRef (Invited Vendors)01.4.2014
DNM Avengers Up / Online
ForumForumhttp://avengersdutyk3xf.onion/Click Open//01.11.2015
Dream Market Up / Online
6283459108http://6khhxwj7viwe5xjm.onion/Click Open4%0.1 BTC 400$11-15-2013
WallStreet Market Up / Online
70483569http://wallstyizjhkrvmj.onionClick Open2.5-5%80$ Free For Trusted10-19-2016
Onionland Up / Online
Point / Tochka Free Market Up / Online
81685421http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onionClick Open2-10%/01-30-2015
RsClub Market Up / Online
Silk Road 3 Up / Online
5308634995http://silkroad7rn2puhj.onion/Click Open/Ref (Invited Vendors)02.1.2011
Zion Market Up / Online
31322382http://zionshopusn6nopy.onion//Open2-5%0.1 BTC11-28-2016
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Showing 0 to 12 of 12 entries


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Darknet Markets are located on part of the internet aptly called the Deep Web. Deep Web makes 90% of the internet and the whole point is that this part is unsearchable by search engines.

A smaller part of the Deep Web is reserved for Dark Web, where, as someone said “here be dragons!” Here you can find all Darknet Markets and a lot of other things as well.

Most of these Darknet Markets offer things like drugs, counterfeit money and IDs, stolen credit cards, weapons, all kind of accounts for porn and adult websites, lifetime Netflix subscription, stolen ancient artifacts; you can buy services from hackers and sometimes even from assassins.

All this illicit shopping is performed in extreme anonymity and most of these websites use referral URLs, meaning you can only access them if you obtain the proper URL from someone or from somewhere.

These are special URLs ending with .onion domain which means the market is using Tor Hidden Service which only works over Tor Network. To open these dark web links, you will need Tor Browser, also used to hide your IP address and your location.

When it comes to buying, you will need to convert your money to cryptocurrency, which is the only accepted currency on the dark web. Most widely used cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. There is a great tutorial here on how to set up a bitcoin wallet and exchange account to get yourself some bitcoin.

WORD OF WARNING: Never transfer bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, directly from your exchange account to a darknet market. You will get your account banned and lose your bitcoin.

ALWAYS transfer from your exchange account to your personal crypto wallet on your computer or smartphone, then to the dark web.

How Darknet Markets Differ From One Another

Some markets are specialized in selling certain products or services; but the majority of them primarily sell drugs and there are also a few whose main products are digital services. Still, all Darknet Markets have at least some drugs available.

Apart from difference in shelf content, markets vary in payment methods.

As you can see in our darknet market comparison chart, they all accept cryptocurrency, that’s for sure; but some markets are willing to accept different cryptocurrencies, apart from Bitcoin, such as Litecoin or Darkcoin, just to name a few. All markets use escrow, while some use Finalize Early option.

As shown in our darknet market comparison chart, Darknet Markets differ in their commission, which is important for vendors. Some markets include vendor fees and some don’t.

Another important difference among markets is security. Markets use different security methods, for both buyers and sellers, and it’s a good idea to check what these security measures are.

History of the LE and Darknet Markets

Now, if you thought that this lucrative business goes on before the eyes of the Law Enforcement unnoticed, you couldn’t be more wrong.

One of the best publicized arrests in the recent history is that of Ross Ulbricht.

Ulbricht was the founder of Silk Road, the first and the most famous Darknet Market.

It took more than a year for the authorities to track down and arrest Ross Ulbricht, but eventually they managed and now he’s serving 2 lifetime sentences, plus a few added decades for what he’s done. But, he is not the only one to end up behind bars.

During a complex operation known as the Operation Onymous in 2014, more than 20 Darknet Markets along with hundreds of scam websites were seized by the authorities and many people were arrested.

Law Enforcement is still targeting Darknet Market owners, vendors and buyers, and occasionally some careless gold digger ends up in prison.

What to Look for in a Good Darknet Market

Finding a good market isn’t easy since there are many fraud and scam markets. So, these few tips should offer some basic help when using our darknet market comparison chart:

  • Escrow, Finalize Early and Multisig – It’s really good to know whether the market is willing to protect your money, so these few terms are definitely worth investigating.
  • Anonymity and Security – How secure will your account be? Does the site use PGP, 2FA, phishing and DDoS protection?
  • Commission and Vendor Fees – This is more interesting to sellers.
  • Help & Support – Does the market have a competent and responsive Support team? Are they willing to help with misunderstandings between sellers and buyers? You might find the answer on market’s community forum or subreddit.
  • Market Reviews – Reviews on various portals will tell you much about market’s reputation.
  • Uptime Status – Probably most objective hint regarding the reliability of the market.
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