Liberian Police Arrest 2 Airline Travelers for Transporting Cocaine Across Borders

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Police arrest drug trafficker with handcuffs. Law and police concept.
Two drug traffickers were intercepted in Liberia while smuggling cocaine pellets they had digested.

Two drug traffickers were recently intercepted while smuggling drugs to Liberia through the Roberts International Airport by the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency.

The two men were traveling by a Kenya Airways plane when they arrived in Liberia to deliver their drugs.

According to the police officers who arrested the suspects, one had swallowed pellets which contained cocaine.

This was only to avoid any detection from the officers in the airport as thorough searches were only conducted on the luggage carried with them.

To their surprise, the customs officers were ready and equipped for any drug smuggling attempts by the traffickers.

In fact, the law enforcement agency was expecting a spike in drug smuggling activities starting last fall during the 2017 Liberian presidential elections.

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According to the police officials, when the country is experiencing a government transition from one president to the next, drug traffickers often take advantage of the moment to smuggle in all kinds of drugs as there’s an increase in rave-like parties throughout the nation.

It has been up to Liberia’s Drug Enforcement Agency to act and up their game to catch the smugglers in all airports of the country.

But even with all the measures put in place by the law enforcement, the drug smuggling business has been booming, even expanding to different scopes.

Methods of smuggling drugs without detection have been evolving continually, even after the law enforcement agents discover each new tactic. From high ranked smugglers to small drug dealers, the police officers leave nothing at a chance.

On realizing this, most drug dealers are now hiring other people—and sometimes even animals—to ingest the drugs and transport them to reduce the chances of being caught.

It has been a growing tendency where people end up being misused to transport all kinds of drugs to earn a decent living.

Understanding the market available in Liberia, a 25-year-old Nigerian man who was identified as Friday Samuel Mbah and his accomplice were arrested at Liberia’s airport.

After body scans with x-rays, Samuel Mbah was found to have swallowed 23 capsules of pure cocaine, ready for distribution.

A man in handcuffs detained the transportation of drugs.
Two drug traffickers were recently intercepted while smuggling drugs to Liberia through the Roberts International Airport by the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency.

In mid-January, Mbah was intercepted and pleaded guilty to having smuggled drugs into Liberia.

The whole scenario enfolded so quick that Mbah did not fathom what happened as he had anticipated passing all the security checks in the airport safely.

On his arrest, some of the pellets had remained in his stomach which resulted in him being detained in a medical center until the drug pellets were removed.

The police officers were not able to understand whether Mbah had ingested the pellets during the flight or before boarding.

On further investigation, it was found that Mbah had been on the law enforcement watch list for some time. It was seen as the right time to bring down his activities by pressing charges against him at court of law.

According to Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency Director General Anthony K. Souh, the drugs seized by his agency were estimated to have a street value of about $16,000.

Mbah has been in police custody since then to aid in a further investigation to bring down the whole criminal organization even at the international level.

This will require cooperation between the affected countries and also others of good will to bring down the cartels.

The two suspects will be arraigned in court to get their right to a fair trial before any conviction. At the moment, the two suspects will only have to continue helping the police in their investigations as they have already pleaded guilty.

It is believed that the cartel which is responsible for the drug trade in west Africa is very powerful as some of the leaders are prominent in the society.

This will continue hindering any way of mitigating the sale or smuggling of drugs in the region.

Presently, law enforcement agencies from several countries are continuing to work together to help one another in reducing this global problem.



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