Expansion of Georgia Drug Operation to North Carolina Leads to Another Arrest

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A stockpile of weapons.
A stockpile of weapons were found in a storage facility by police from Cherokee County, Georgia. Photo: Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office

The investigation that resulted in the recent arrest of a Georgia couple on charges of making and selling fentanyl on the dark web has now expanded into North Carolina.

This led to the arrest of Donna Brown in North Carolina, a relative of the couple—more specifically the mother of the man allegedly involved in trading fentanyl over the dark web.

The Search of Brown’s North Carolina Home and Storage Unit
Following the arrest of Frederick Michelsen, 35, and his wife, Elizabeth Michelsen, 28, earlier this month, the Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad proceed to search the residence of Frederick Michelsen’s mother in North Carolina.

CMANS agents found a significant volume of drugs in the home owned by Donna Brown, 52.

She was charged with trafficking of both fentanyl and heroin, possession of Xanax and THC, with intent to distribute, as well as possession of marijuana, cocaine, LSD and Dronabinol Liquid, all with intent to distribute. For the Dronabinol liquid, Brown was charged on two counts.

On Friday of last week, law enforcement also searched Brown’s rented storage unit in Paulding County, Georgia.

Your TOR usage is being watched
Arrested woman for drug trafficking.
A third person has been arrested in a darknet drug trafficking operation spanning two states.

A stockpile consisting of more than 20 weapons including rifles, pistols and two bump stocks were found and seized.

The agents believe the ammunition belongs to Brown’s son, Frederick Michelsen.
Currently detained Cherokee County jail, Brown is held without bond.

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