Former Security Guard Arrested for Ordering Drugs from the Dark Web

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Officer arresting man.
A former security officer in Joondalup, Australia was arrested and prosecuted after ordering methamphetamine and cannabis on the dark web.

Not a week passes without news going around that a particular drug dealer or vendor on the dark web has been pinned down by the officers of the law.

In the most recent news, a former security guard named Damian Lee Starkey was presented to a court in Joondalup, Australia to charges after the police arrested him for drug possession. This happened after the police intercepted an order made by Starkey on the dark web before it was delivered to his Greenwood home and replaced it with a fake substance.

Starkey, aged 44, had been charged with possession of a supply of 82 percent pure methamphetamine, as well as cannabis, with the intention of supplying or selling the drugs. He pleaded guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Elaine Campione, who was presiding over the matter, sentenced Starkey to a 12-month intensive supervision order.

The Drug Dealing Operation

In the courtroom, the police informed the magistrate how the investigation unfolded. The magistrate was told that Starkey, with the help of a friend, would order drugs from the dark web to later sell.

It was noted that at one time, the police managed to cover almost 7 grams of methamphetamine that was headed for an address that belonged to Starkey. On this incidence, however, the name on the delivery was not Starkey’s but for his former housemate. The officers had seized the package, replaced it with a fake and returned it to transit.

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On January 18, 2017, the package together with different forms of cannabis—about 64 cannabis seeds, 29 grams of cannabis resin, 10 grams of powdered cannabis and almost 80 grams of cannabis—was discovered in Starkey’s home by the police who raided his Greenwood property.

Starkey was later charged with possession of cannabis with the intention of selling or supplying it as the police had discovered text messages regarding drugs on his phone.

The court had earlier been informed by Jodette Reynolds, the lawyer representing the accused, that Starkey had ordered the drugs for personal use only.

The magistrate wasn’t convinced of this, as the police had also found an unlicensed gun. In her presentation, Reynolds stated that the gun that was found in his house had been there from his days as a security guard.

As part of his guilty plea, Starkey, who had used cannabis since he was 13, told the court that this experience had served an important wakeup call. Reynolds also stated that Starkey had quit using drugs as soon as his house was raided.

The Ruling of Starkey’s Case

However, in her ruling, the magistrate raised severe concerns about the fact that the methamphetamine that Starkey had ordered was of high purity. In particular, purified meth has extreme effects on one’s health.

On her ruling on the cannabis, the magistrate put to Starkey’s attention to the fact that supplying drugs to someone else was a serious offense. It came with a strict charge of the intent of selling or supplying, even if it wasn’t meant to be for a financial gain.

At the end of the hearing, Starkey pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing illegal substances. On one count, he accepted that he had indeed been caught with unlicensed ammunition and the other count that he was in possession of $920 that he had obtained unlawfully.



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