Oklahoma Food Truck Owner Caught with Darknet-Sourced Drugs

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Drug dealing truck disguised as food truck.
A food truck owner from Tulsa, Oklahoma has admitted to allegations of drugs trafficking.

A popular Oklahoma food truck owner has admitted to charges of trafficking drugs ordered via the dark web.

This followed his arrest last month after the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics-Tulsa received information from the Tulsa Office of Homeland Security about a seized package containing ecstasy.

The seizure was carried out by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents who discovered 500 ecstasy pills, which were destined for a home address in Tulsa.

It is reported that authorities allowed the package to pass so that they would identify its eventual addressee.

Finally, a 36-year-old man named Jeremy Singer collected the delivery, therefore leading authorities to his location.

An official with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Singer has since taken full responsibility for the drugs ordered via the dark web.

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In addition, he added that Singer had faced a previous conviction—hence, the latest charge will carry serious weight since the man was on probation at the time of his arrest.

The Disguise

Singer owns a Tulsa Food Truck that is fondly identified as “Chicken Fried Bus.” His arrest report indicated a rather unexpected description of a man who, admittedly, has been routinely issuing free marijuana to the homeless population in his area.

Casey Roebuck from the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office discredited Singer’s “unusual kindness” by stressing the illegality of the man’s actions.

In his remark, handing out free drugs to homeless people is certainly illegal.

Authorities went on further to discover that Singer had recently arranged a charity function at the parking lot area of a local church in Tulsa.

On his food truck, photographs of his group “helping the needy” were displayed, which included features of the team handing out food and clothes to people.

Joel Bein, another food truck owner, gave a testimony about having seen the post asking people to join in and help.

According to him, Singer had always appeared to be a man with a “big heart” and the kindness to help those in need.

An Assortment of Drugs Bought via the Dark Web

Drug suplly.
A popular Oklahoma food truck owner has admitted to charges of trafficking drugs ordered via the dark web.

Apart from the ecstasy pills, the seized package yielded an assortment of drugs.

Singer indicated his possession of about five pounds of marijuana, marijuana vapors and its edible products, scales, psychedelic mushrooms, oxycotin, Viagra and several other drug paraphernalia.

He further admitted to the fact that these substances had been procured via darknet markets.

The man claimed that he would visit the dark web to place orders of drugs and pay for consignments using Bitcoin.

Initially, he had successfully ordered 60 pills of ecstasy that he later sold at a profit. The desire for more profit drove him to order for more, 500 pills, before law enforcement officers lifted the lid on his drug business.

His choice of using the dark web to procure drugs was motivated by the wealth of favorable factors for operating on darknet markets.

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