Darknet Vendor ‘JetSetLife’ Arrested After Sending Cocaine to Undercover Cop

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Drug dealer with hands armed with police cuffs.
The federal authorities have arrested a man from San Francisco who allegedly used the dark web and postal services to sell cocaine.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has caught up with another dark web drug vendor in a sting operation conducted recently.

This time, a 26-year-old alleged drug trafficker in San-Francisco was arrested in a case that might see him behind bars for the next few decades.

Brian Gutierrez Villasenor is the alleged leader of a group of drug traffickers who operated a darknet vendor account known as “JetSetLife.”

The account, which had a presence on nearly all of the major darknet markets, advertised sales of pure cocaine with shipment arrangements included in the service after ordering.

How the Feds Nabbed Him

It was through the ad on the darknet site that the federal authorities assigned an undercover agent to investigate the drug trafficker. This prompted the undercover agent to request for a seven-gram “Peruvian Mother Pear” cocaine supply sold for $716.

Oblivious of the investigations being undertaken, the alleged drug trafficker went ahead to deliver the package through the postal services. He used a DVD case to conceal the cocaine so it could pass through the postal service security checks without raising any suspicion.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Twelve days after Villasenor posted the package to the address provided by the undercover agent, it arrived safely. This was at the Southern District of New York where the undercover agent had provided the address for the drug vendor to deliver.

Immediately, the undercover agent forwarded the tracking number to the San Francisco Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct a more extensive search to where the package had come from.

The San Francisco FBI agents were quick to identify the source of the package, and they started reviewing security footage to identify the man who mailed it.

Before the feds would be on the next move, they were notified of another package intercepted by the postal service inspectors.

This time, a package containing 3.8 grams of cocaine destined for Georgia was noted to have been mailed by Villasenor.

Villasenor was now on the feds’ radar for arrest. Within no time, he was arrested and charged with cocaine distribution, which is a federal offense that might see him get a maximum of 20 years in prison.

He now remains in the police custody awaiting the next court hearing in which the judge will deliver the ruling.

Casting the Net Deeper

The dark web has been one of the most significant sources of drugs sold throughout the United States in the last decade.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, have been fighting drug trafficking from all angles.

Some of the class A drugs have been finding their way to most users through postal office services. It is a 21st-century trend that has hit many people without expectations.

Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.
Brian Gutierrez Villasenor is the alleged leader of a group of drug traffickers who operated a darknet vendor account known as “JetSetLife.”

Most arrests made in the past few years on drug traffickers have been taking place with the help of postal inspectors.

Some have taken a long time during the investigations while others have caught the criminals in surprise.

Special teams selected from different agencies have been on the watch and with proper coordination, they are fighting the vice.

One such initiative is Operation Disarray, which was started by the FBI to fight online drug trafficking in the U.S. With trained officers who are equipped to counter illegal activities taking place on the dark web, they are confident they will control online drug trafficking.

Law enforcement authorities worldwide can take pride in some increasingly successful darknet busts within the past few years.

Beginning with the takedown of Silk Road, everything changed since then as the reality hit hard on the dark web users.

Others followed, including the famous AlphaBay Market and Hansa Market, both of which were dramatically taken down just last year.

Since then, the law enforcement is not only going for the kingpins in drug trafficking but also anybody involved with the online dark web business.

Cases of drug buyers using dark web markets and postal services have been on the rise with most of the criminals already serving jail terms.

On the Flip Side

It may seem as though the drug users are escaping from the long arm of the law by using online dark web markets ordering drugs, but things end up working against them eventually.

Cases of drug vendors mixing toxic ingredients and sending them to customers for use are on the rise. It is considerably seen in cases when heroin is mixed with fentanyl in quantities deadly for human consumption.

Since most drug users on the street do not have technology to verify the purity of the received drug package, what usually happens is one drug addict gets to test the drug by consuming a bit and feeling the body’s response.

Since fentanyl is 100 times more deadly than heroin in similar quantities, most users end up having a drug overdose that results in death. Such cases are not rare in the U.S., with the current administration admitting it as a national epidemic.

Another major blow associated with darknet market drug trafficking is the possibility of being scammed and losing money. Since no contact during the business is expected, a lot of drug traffickers take advantage of the situation.

Drug in plastic zip bags and yellow bottle.
It may seem as though the drug users are escaping from the long arm of the law by using online dark web markets ordering drugs, but things end up working against them eventually.

Designer drugs manufactured by the drug traffickers to maximize profits have flooded the market, a trend being warned by experts.

These are some of the things that seem not to be working for the drug traffickers using the dark web to buy and sell their products.

The learned friends of the society may see it is karma, but nothing lacks its limitation.

For now, it remains a game of cat and mouse between the law enforcement agencies and the drug dealers.

The dark web customers will have to stay vigilant on the drug products they buy to avoid overdose and ultimate death.

Meanwhile, Brian Gutierrez Villasenor will remain under close watch until his next court date. The charge leveled against him may be too much to fight against.



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