Australian Border Force Officers Accused of Working Alongside Criminal Syndicate

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According to the report given in this case, a senior police supervisor is believed to be involved with the smugglers’ operations, interfering with the set rules in favor of the drug cartels.

An Australian border patrol officer is accused of working with drug smugglers as an inside job. It is alleged that the senior officer has been formulating laws and action that will in return assist the smugglers to conduct their business smoothly.

This revelation comes after the organized drug peddlers were accused of smuggling millions of dollars’ worth of drugs into Australia.

The level of cooperation between the smugglers and the accused officers made it possible for the criminals to bypass all the set checkpoints without detection and into the country.

The case involving the drug criminals bribing the patrol officer to facilitate their activities has been ongoing for some time along the border of Australia.

Investigators have been working to reveal the whole saga publically since then, and finally, have had a breakthrough.

It is alleged that the suspect, who is tied to brothers Koder, Ali and Abbas Jomaa (three known drug criminals), wanted to evade any cargo from being x-rayed.

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In every custom border, cargo-screening is required to identify the goods that are being carried across the border. This has been the general trend in almost all borders and ports whereby every container that comes in goes through a series of checkups.

According to the report given in this case, a senior police supervisor is believed to be involved with the smugglers’ operations, interfering with the set rules in favor of the drug cartels.

The said drug cartel is alleged to have bribed the senior supervisor, Craig Eakin.

This contributed to the negligence that was observed on the side of the law enforcement agency to thoroughly search and apprehend the containers used to transport the drugs.

Also involved with Eakin’s activities is police employee Johayna Merhi, who has been arrested as well.

The report regarding the case has been presented to a court of law for a hearing to prosecute both the drug cartels and the rogue officials.

Reportedly, Eakin provided vital information to the drug cartels about containers and cargo that the police had been targeting for some time.

It is alleged that the drug cartels used the information to their advantage to smuggle in the drugs.

Back in August, the police arrested the three Jomaa brothers in connection with the smuggling activities.

This was accomplished through a drug raid that was conducted across Sydney and Dubai.

The same operation, which was regarded as Operation Astatine, led to the arrests of Eakin and Merhi.

The pair was allegedly involved in assisting the drug traffickers in smuggling drugs without detection in Australia.

It did not take long before another crime syndicate was busted involving brothers Michael and Fadi Ibrahim, leading to even more arrests.

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An Australian border patrol officer is accused of working with drug smugglers as an inside job.

The organized crime group associated with the Ibrahim family fell into the net of the police with almost all of its members arrested.

According to the police, the Jomaa brothers who conspired with border police officers have been on the radar for a long time.

They have been accused of importing illegal tobacco which would be sold locally to their vendors for further supplying.

It is alleged that the same brothers intended to import around 200 kilograms of MDMA, a form of ecstasy.

But after quick intervention from police, none of the intended drugs to be imported were able to reach the port of Australia.

This is according to the police officials who finally caught up with the brothers before they had accomplished their activities.

According to the police who did arrest the suspected border officers, it is alleged that the Jomaa brothers gave thousands of dollars to the border patrol officers to act in their favor.

This brought about the complacency on the side of the law enforcement and the border officers who ended up allowing the smuggling of the drugs onto Australian soil.

The three brothers were arraigned in court on the charges of smuggling drugs into the territory and bribing state officials. Their lawyers are working to convince the judges to release the suspects on bail.

But one of the brothers, named Ali Jomaa, has already been denied bail by the judge and will have to remain in police custody.

It is alleged Ali Jomaa used an encrypted version of a Blackberry phone to communicate with a police officer. This was all to discuss what Eakin had advised him regarding his presentation in court.

Ali Jomaa is said to have been in contact with Eakin for an extended period of time, which did raise the alarm on the matter of importing drugs into the country.

The police officers speculate that Koder Jomaa was the trio’s leader and is responsible for their day-to-day operations running the organized drug smuggling business.

The police affirmed their case by doing a thorough search of residences of the accused suspects.

To their surprise on searching Eakin’s house, they found around $99,000 in cash which is alleged to be part of the bribe the Jomaa brothers offered them.

On searching Mehri’s house, they found around $50,000 in cash as an extension of the money that was offered to them by the Jomaa brothers to help them smuggle drugs.

Police are working to bring together available evidence to catch even more drug dealers along the border of Australia.

For now, observers can only await the final judgment to be delivered by the judge regarding all the accused persons in this case as the police continue their work on bringing down more drug smuggling operations.



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