British Model’s Kidnapper Sentenced to More Than 16 Years in Prison

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The kidnapper of Chloe Ayling has been sentenced in an Italian court to close to 17 years in prison for the abduction of the young model.

Chloe Ayling’s harrowing ordeal in Milan, Italy last year was one that was quickly followed by criticism and bashing from the media who believed she was faking her story.

The fact that her kidnapper, 30-year-old Lukasz Herba, repeatedly claimed to have simply been following what was a scheme between him, his brother and Ayling, didn’t bode well for the 20-year-old model.

Herba says that the kidnapping was all part of Ayling’s plan to boost publicity and also to get some financial assistance following her child’s birth.

But a new development has happened in the case just this month—An Italian court handed Herba a sentence of 16 years and nine months in prison.

A Unique Case

According to her representative, Ayling had felt defensive of the initial remarks claiming that she had faked the whole ordeal for publicity.

Her representative, however, admitted that the case was a bizarre one, particularly because of Herba’s peculiar confession following his arraignment in court.

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Herba will still go to prison for nearly 17 years for his involvement in the kidnapping, and perhaps that does provide a sort of closure for the young British model.

But the torment she went through from the media may not go unpunished if Ayling is to pursue civic action against the media houses involved.

Ayling’s Week of Terror

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Chloe Ayling’s harrowing ordeal in Milan, Italy last year was one that was quickly followed by criticism and bashing from the media who believed she was faking her story.

The young Brit was drawn to Milan hoping to perform in a photoshoot but was instead knocked out using ketamine, crammed into a canvas bag and bundled into the trunk of a car which was then used to transport her to a farmhouse in a nearby region.

For at least the first night, she reportedly remained handcuffed to the furniture.

Ayling was held by her ski mask-wearing kidnappers for six days and nights as they waited for her £265,000 ransom to be paid.

She told police that Herba had claimed to be part of a larger human trafficking group on the dark web known as Black Death, who had eyes on her at all times.

Failure to deliver the ransom in time would have resulted in the sale of the 20-year-old model as a sex slave.

Herba, later on, admitted that the gang was made up and that he had been aided by his brother in the kidnapping. Italian prosecutors are currently working to get his brother, Michal, extradited from Britain.

Closure At Last

Ayling’s case was as unique as the crowd that chipped in to the defense of Lukasz Herba.

Katia Kolakowska, the defendant’s lawyer, revealed in court that a film producer from the United States even sent her an email saying that the model’s story had some striking similarities with a film released a few weeks prior to the kidnapping.

It was also noted that Herba spent almost €10,000 to organize the kidnapping, a venture many believe wouldn’t have been impossible weren’t it for Ayling’s funding.

Regardless, Herba is facing prison time for kidnapping and holding the model for six days. His brother’s extradition may follow soon, and perhaps his possible sentencing will offer Ayling some measure of long-term closure.

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