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Barry Cooper’s Official Never Get Busted

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Volume 2: Never Get Raided

Your TOR usage is being watched

How to Grow Marijuana Drugs Outdoors

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having them scattered around the area is also a grave indicator of a marijuana drugs territory.

Barry Cooper’s volume 2 covers topics related to safe marijuana drugs growth.

He basically offers tips on how to successfully grow the plant outdoors as well as indoors without getting caught.

During his career as an interdiction officer, he was trained to spot marijuana drugs plants from air.

On September 12, 2007 Barry Cooper was asked by the Dallas News team to get into a helicopter and spot marijuana drugs from the air.

After he had fulfilled their request, he and Candy, his wife went back to the same area to make footage of the same territory used for marijuana drugs planting.

In his segment, Cooper’s very first tip is to always cover the soles of the shoes with duct tape so that one leaves any shoe prints.

Letting wild life: birds, squirrels and other animals help you spot people that might be ahead in the woods waiting to arrest you.

Deer, birds and the majority of animals get scared and flee when humans are nearby, so Cooper instructs marijuana drugs growers to follow and keep an eye on the animals’ demeanor which can serve as a red alert or a green light.

Leaving trash around is not suggested.

Fingerprints can easily be lifted from any trash lying around the woods.

Hiding the different pesticides in a bag is a good idea, but good camouflage is also needed.

(White) Dixi cups can also be very easily spotted from air.

Cannabis High Quality
Barry Cooper’s volume 2 covers topics related to safe marijuana drugs growth.

So, having them scattered around the area is also a grave indicator of a marijuana drugs territory.

The DEA usually scours areas that are close to water sources, like ponds and lakes.

Continually, Cooper’s suggestion is to plant cannabis drugs at a great distance from these places, if possible.

He also adds that planting cannabis drugs in rows or snail trails raise suspicion, for it gives a very unnatural appearance.

The majority of plants in a wooden area grow in a scattered and uneven fashion.

Thus, planting a bush or two in one place and the next few in another spot will make them less noticeable.

The DEA also looks for PVC pipes as well as dead plants especially dead trees that have been poisoned or cut off.

The growers usually do this in order for the cannabis drugs to get more sunlight.

When a field has been eradicated by the DEA or other anti-cannabis drugs organizations, some marijuana drugs growers go back out of curiosity.

Cooper eagerly gives his warnings on not to do this, because often times cameras have been placed to capture any further activity that may occur in the area.

Growing Marijuana Drugs Indoors

Indoor or closet marijuana drugs growers usually plant 20 to 25 plants.

Cooper had been trained to spot these houses and would easily recognize a suspicious one.

Now, he openly shares the different hacks that could help marijuana drugs growers not got raided.

The first point Cooper brings up is the F.L.I.R. or the Forward Looking Infrared Radar.

In essence, the F.L.I.R. is a camera that can detect heat and in turn spot houses emitting excessive consternation of heat, which is used to grow marijuana drugs.

The camera can be mounted to helicopters but can also be simply held up manually.

Marijuana drugs take light to grow, but heat is seen as the enemy.

Thus, the problem marijuana drugs growers struggle with is pumping heat.

The F.L.I.R. can easily pick up these heat patterns, as it shows glowing images, which give enough reason for suspicion.

Cooper’s advice on this matter is to channel the heat throughout the house, as most people do during winter time or simply have vents channeled under the floor.

This way the camera will not be able to pick up any heat patterns.

Another advice is to use the drier vent to pump out heat.

Growers use a variety of tools to grow marijuana drugs. Cooper’s most efficient suggestions include the usage of LED or Fluorescent lights, due to low electricity bills and minimal amounts of heat.

He also provides information on a Government program, which pays up to $20 per plant for revealing information on high electricity bills, which are also dire indicators of weed drugs growers, (especially the ones not using Cooper’s efficient methods).

Furthermore, certain Companies get paid up to $1000 per report on useful information pertaining to high electricity usage.

Another point Cooper brings up is keeping your “secret garden” a secret.

The more people know about the “project” the higher the chances are that they will reveal it to the authorities.

He also mentions the lack of information on the marijuana drugs growers’ part to control evidence that the police can use against them.

Procuring Grow Equipment Safely

Barry Cooper’s first advice on procuring grow equipment safely is to never use your own personal computer if you opt to get it online.

Going to a public library and using their computer is a much better choice when trying to play it safe.

The IP address is very easily traceable, so making sure it cannot be linked to the actual buyer is of great importance.

Another option is to use a VPN. It is a simple software app that will mask your IP address. You can find one here at https://darkwebnews.com/TopVPNs.

When paying for the equipment, Cooper suggests buying a gift credit card at places like Wal-Mart, which again, are not traceable or even better if you use bitcoin.

Additionally, it is also advised to have the goods shipped to a safe address, other than your own.

An example of a safe address would be a friend’s or a family member’s address, who may think the package a surprise for your spouse.

However, the simplest way to get a hold of the equipment would be to go to the store personally, and use cash to make the purchase.

Once you get to the grow-shop, Cooper’s advice is to scout out the area before parking.

He advises to look for cars parked further away from the store, which do not face the building.

These are cops who observe the buyers in their review mirror and are getting ready to possibly follow them as they leave the store.

Subsequently, the other point he makes is to leave the store in the opposite direction.

Leaving the goods at a safe place for about a week is also seen as a good and safe choice on the buyer’s part.

Marijuana Drugs – Controlling the Odor

One of the biggest problems closet growers face is odor. Not being able to control it can be a very tangible indicator that alerts authorities when they knock on your door.

Cooper suggests using carbon filters to get rid of the distinct smell.

He also urges growers to pay attention to trash; i.e. not throw away any evidence in the trash, especially garbage with detectable fingerprints on it.

Getting the trash off your property is highly important.

It is also crucial to mention that it is not illegal for the police to simply show on your door and inquire about your marijuana drugs activities.

They can simply ask the question and sneakily lure you into giving enough information, which will automatically give them reason to search the property.

Cooper also adds that opening the door is one of the biggest errors the marijuana drugs grower can make.

His advice is to simply not answer the door when the officers looking for closet growers pay a visit.

However, in case you do answer the door, and they had enough reason to go through the house, canine proofing the space is highly recommended.

This can be achieved by spreading ground marijuana drugs seeds in front of the house or rubbing the powdery substance all over the room to confuse the dog.

Then, the officer will be left on his own to perform the task.

Do Not Answer the Door

Barry Cooper urges closet growers not to answer the door when officers show up at the house.

“You are under no obligation to allow any citizen into your private home,”

says Cooper and the same goes for cops.

If the police had the legal right to enter a home, they probably would not be knocking, but raiding the house after they had obtained a search warrant.

Cooper’s suggestion is to carefully detect who stands at the door, and upon noticing that it is in fact the cops, one should immediately lock the door.

If they want to establish contact with you, Cooper suggests letting them know, that the dispatch officer can do that via a phone, or simply yell through the window, but under no circumstance should you open the door.

Cooper also jokingly adds a note to the cops,

“If there’s a search warrant, kick the door in!”

Spotting Undercover Officers

Often times cops go undercover to make a significant drugs arrest.

A person involved with marijuana drugs is encouraged to look for the following signs: body language that may indicate to cop behavior, phrases during purchase such as

“I’m buying for my girlfriend/boyfriend” or “I’m buying to resell” are suspicious signs of an undercover cop.

“As an eight-year veteran in the Law Enforcement, I told more lies than I have my entire life,”

says Cooper, adding that officers are trained liars and are legally allowed to manipulate the truth.

One other solemn fact that Cooper adds is that the jury will most likely believe the police officer during a trial as opposed to the person convicted of the drugs crime such as drug trafficking or drug smuggling.

He sees this as an unfair situation basically because as he stated before, police officers are trained to lie.

He also reveals that the two top indicators, according to the FBI polygraph manual are hand-to-head contact, which includes grooming, as well as a palms-up movement.

The ex-police officer suggests staying away from people who exhibit these signs of deception.

Cooper’s favorite tip is understanding the principal that police are forbidden to allow ceased drugs to re-enter the marketplace.

In other words, a police officer cannot use or resell drugs, but in case he does, an arrest needs to happen within minutes or even seconds.

Barry Cooper also introduces users to the Reversal Operation, which refers to big transactions.

He himself has been involved in over a dozen of these, where officers try to sell huge amounts of drugs to lure in a great amount of money.

Cooper highly advises to be aware of these dangerous transactions as the cops can make an immediate drugs arrest.

He also proposes constantly switching locations to avoid the possible surveillance cameras that the authority may have set up.

Never using the same phone can also help one prevent arrest.

Pre-paid phones that can be purchased at places like Wal-Mart are a huge pro when it comes to making arrangements for a transaction.

This way the dealer can illuminate the possibility of wire taps.

Another indicator that a cop might be an undercover officer is his attempt to simulate drugs use meaning that he will pretend to be smoking marijuana drugs as he only inhales the substance through the mouth but instantly lets it out through the nose, merely giving the appearance to be smoking pot.

Spotting Drugs Informants

Additionally, officers may also have drugs informants on the streets, who aid them in capturing drugs dealers for drug trafficking or drug smuggling and putting drugs users behind bars.

They work very closely with cops and are hard to spot.

Their motive lies in getting money for helping a drugs dealer get arrested or they have been promised a reduced sentence for a drugs crime they have previously committed.

Ninety-five percent of the people Cooper arrested during his eight-year career as an officer became his informants.

He describes them as very scared and manipulated people who are not trained liars like most cops are.

Thus, asking them the same question over and over again can lead to catching them in a lie, which is enough reason to stay away from them.

Barry Cooper and his series have definitely wreaked some havoc in the entire nation.

Many call him a traitor, or a criminal, but others seem to agree with his views on the dysfunctional War Against Drugs matter.

His candid and brazen attitude gives even more verisimilitude to all the methods he reveals in his series, which help marijuana drugs users avoid possible trouble and altercation with authority.

Some see him as an outlaw, while others praise him for his candor. In any respect, one is entitled to their own opinion.

You can check out Barry Coopers website here: https://nevergetbusted.com/

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