What is the Dark Web? How to Access it Secretly (10 Simple Steps)

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Are you trying to find out how to access the dark web and what is it?

Well, look no further, we have gone and done the research so we could show you step by step the best and safest way how to access the dark net.

We cover everything, from setting up Tor, how to choose a VPN, what not to do, finding the best sites to access, and extra steps to remain anonymous.

It is extremely easy to access the dark web and even easier to be detected on it if you don’t take precautions. If you are new to the darknet, this guide will help you on your way.

According to researchers, only 4% of the internet is visible to the general public.

Meaning that the remaining 96% of the internet is made up of “The Deep Web”.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Dark Web or Dark Net is a subset of the Deep Web where there are sites that sell drugs, hacking software, counterfeit money and more. We explain this further down the article if you are not up to speed.

If you are looking to access hidden marketplace’s or darknet websites (with a .onion domain) then dark web access is done using the TOR network with the TOR browser bundle. TOR is the most widely used dark web browser.

How To Access The Dark Web Guide

Step 1: Go and get yourself a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) here , use it ALL of the time, no matter if you are on TOR or not. This site here reviews the best VPN’s for use with TOR.

You should be taking your anonymity and security very seriously if you are visiting the Dark Net, especially if you are viewing any Darknet Markets.

Do not fool yourself and think that the ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and Law Enforcement are not trying to track those who use Tor to access the Dark Web, they are, and they are good at it so don’t make it easy for them.

It should be brought to your attention that there was a recent Tor vulnerability which leaked your REAL IP address leading back to your real location. If you already have the Tor Browser then UPDATE it immediately. Vulnerabilities like these are happening more often to Tor.

diagram showing how vpn works between a user, internet and hackersBy using the simple VPN app, your darknet activities will be hidden from your ISP and government agencies as all of your internet usage will be encrypted. No one will even know you are using TOR, let alone browsing for darknet markets.

What’s even better is that the VPN will give you a fake IP address, in another country if you like, so even if Tor is compromised then the trace just leads back to somewhere else that can’t be linked to you.

The other benefit of using a VPN is to prevent hackers stealing your identity and or personal files and photos from your computer.

You need to use a good VPN that keeps NO LOGS, fast performance, preferably accepts bitcoin as payment, has a kill switch for DNS leaks, and is compatible with TOR.

Your Privacy Is Vulnerable!

IP Address


United States, Ashburn


  Hide Tor With a VPNProtect your identity from governments, ISP`s and hackers with a click of the mouse.

>>Click Here to find a good VPN<<

Then install your VPN, if you buy one of the better VPN’s then it is usually just a one click install and one or two clicks to turn it on.

Step 2: You can’t access the deepweb just using a common browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. To get dark net access you will need to download the dark web browser called TOR browser bundle. Only get it from the official TOR website, never download it from anywhere else!

Now close all of your browsing windows and all apps connecting to the world wide web like Google Drive, Skype, OneDrive, iCloud etc.

Then open your VPN app and connect to another location other than where you are at, make sure to use the OpenVPN protocol as it is the most secure.

Open up your normal favorite browser and then download TOR

TOR Official Website: https://www.torproject.org/download/download.htmlscreenshot of tor browser download page


Step 3: Install the TOR browser bundle on your PC or Mac. When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file, choose the destination folder (the folder where you want to extract tor browser), and choose extract.

Step 4: Start TOR Browser. Open the folder where you extracted TOR browser and double-click “Start Tor Browser”. The TOR start page will open in a browser window (it’s actually a portable version of FireFox stripped down).

From here, you now have a good level of anonymity and security and you are able to gain access to .onion websites through your dark web browser.

screenshot of MS Windows folder where tor browser executable file can be found



Next, you will want to visit a dark web site.

Now you have dark net access you should Click HERE to view the Darknet Market List so you can visit some of the best black market websites on the DeepWeb.

screenshot of Silk Road onion website (now defunct)
Silk Road ( Dark web screenshot )

If you do want to check out some darknet markets then you should follow the guide for that specific market as it will show you step by step what to do to sign up, browse etc.
If you are looking for the biggest list of hidden deep web links go here so you can find exactly what you are looking for. (some also call them dark web links). We have compiled one of the biggest lists of tested .onion sites on the dark net complete with a search function, website name, description, categories, site status and even a screenshot of the landing page so you can see if your site is online or dead.
Info graphic clarifies the concept of internet, surface web, deep web and dark web with examples and the metaphor of an ice berg.Share this Image On Your Site

Now we have shown you how to access the dark web we have some very important tips to share…

Bitcoin and Buying on the Dark Web:

If you are on the dark net to buy something, and most of us are, then you will need to use cryptocurrency to do so and Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency on the dark web.

Buying cryptocurrencies is another topic altogether, so we won’t go into it here but this site has made an easy to follow guide on buying bitcoin, but we will give you one GOLDEN tip on how to go under the radar and not have your crypto exchange account shut down and lose money.

NEVER send cryptocurrency directly from your exchange account (where you buy the coins) to a market or anywhere on the dark web, also never send coins directly from anywhere on the dark net to your exchange. They are onto this right away as they can tell where the coins came from and they WILL shut you down and you will be recorded in a list for sure.

You must send your coins from your exchange to a wallet (find out how to in the guides) then from the wallet to the dark web and vice-versa.

Hacking on the Dark Web:

There are a lot of dark web users that are hackers and there are even more users that want to become hackers. The dark web is the hacker’s playground, so if you don’t know what you are doing then you need to be extra careful and take the precautions we mention very seriously, like using a VPN, covering your webcam, using very good usernames and passwords etc.

If you are wanting to become a hacker then we have found a great course to teach you how to become a hacker. We even lined up a 74% discount for you. Just click the link below.


The hacking course will teach you tons of things like:

  • Penetration testing
  • Create fake WiFi Networks
  • Crack WEP/WPAWPA2 encryptions
  • Launch man in the middle attacks
  • Gain control over other computer systems
  • Backdoor programs
  • Exploit vulnerabilities
  • ARP Spoofing/ARP Poisoning
  • And much much more.

Bonus Security Steps For the DarkNet:
cloud of text terms relating to internet security and general computing terms.

Step 5: DO NOT change the TOR browser window size unless you like living dangerously. The FEDS have programs that can match identities on random things such and matching time online and other things with the browser window size, I shit you not. If you don’t change the size then it is the same as most other people.

Step 6: Please remember that TOR isn’t necessarily 100% anonymous, you should turn off JavaScript within the dark web browser settings to help.

screenshot of tor browser window start page. Also shows noscript setting to block javascript.
Block Javascript in TOR Browser

Step 7: Disconnect your webcam or block the camera with some black tape. Hackers and governments have ways of getting into your computer and turning on the video and cameras.

You can have intimate images of you be used as blackmail or extortion, or even worse, used by the feds.

picture showing mark zukerberg and his laptop with covered mic and webcam
Covered camera and mic?

Step 8: Disconnect your microphone or cover it with tape to muffle it good. The same goes for the microphone as the camera, the last thing you want is to be recorded saying incriminating things at home. It doesn’t even have to be while on the dark net. Even the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg does it as he knows the dangers.

Step 9: NEVER use your real name, photos, email, or even password that you have used before on the dark web. This is the fastest way to be tracked. Use an anonymous email account and aliases that have nothing to do with you that you have never used before.

Step 10: If you are using TOR on the dark web for anything other than looking at cute pictures of kittens, you should think seriously about your privacy and security. Jolly Roger has put together a comprehensive guide on how to stay safe on the deep web, view the guide here.

If you have read through this how to access the darknet guide and thought to yourself WTF? Then you are probably new to this and need a bit of background and information to get you up to speed. Please remember to share this post so everyone that wants to have a look on the Dark Web can do so and do it safely.

What is the Clear Web? (Surface Web)

Firstly, there is the Clear Web/Clear Net/Surface Web. This is the normal internet / world wide web where you do everyday things like check Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter and buy things from Amazon etc. All websites and web pages that a search engine like Google can find are on the Clear Net.

What is the Deep Web?

Then we have the Deep Web. This is a sub-set of the internet that can not be indexed (found) by search engines like Google. This includes all web pages that are behind membership logins, all company and organization web pages used internally and other data. The majority of the deepweb does not have anything illegal on it.

infographic showing dark web, deep web and the internet with the mephor of an iceberg.
Deep Web and Dark Web

What is the Dark Web (also called dark net)?

Dark web is the part of the internet where websites exist in an encrypted network accessible only via TOR. Websites on the Dark Web cannot be found using traditional search engines nor can be accessed using traditional web browsers.

It is a sub-set of the Deep Web that contains all sorts of websites, both legal and illegal. The types of sites include black markets that sell things like drugs, counterfeit goods, and weapons, you also have hacking sites, X-rated sites, bitcoin tumbling, and even sites for hitmen. The variety of sites on the Dark Web is quite astonishing. For now there is no dark web search engine that works as well as Google does for the clearnet.


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The articles and content found on Dark Web News are for general information purposes only and are not intended to solicit illegal activity or constitute legal advice. Using drugs is harmful to your health and can cause serious problems including death and imprisonment, and any treatment should not be undertaken without medical supervision.


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  31. Very informative….what about Opera? I downloaded Opera Beta because of the built in VPN. Have I been misled?

    • Anonymous

      Yup, opera does not have access to .onion urls, you need a tor browser.

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    The truth only seems terrifying. Really, it’s nothing more than a sword and a shield. Seek truth and find power. Fear nothing but the perversion of your own mind. And rise as a true member of this monstrous species, informed and strong. Be more than you ever have been, and be less than all the world around you, one and connected through all time.

    Formulate your own opinions, become the individual you were always meant to be.

    Become the monster that man is; do not stay as prey to the system.

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    • Anonymous

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  47. Anonymous

    It’s a terrible flaw in the internet that needs to be shut down. ” Oh I don’t do anything illegal with data” why the fuck wold you need it in the first place? To sell it? There is a thing in my country called the Data Protection Act. What’s wrong with finding better use of your time using the normal internet.

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  69. Anonymous

    To the person bitching that the dark web should be reported to the police – they are fully aware of it but there’s nothing that can be done, these sites are run by very intelligent people who are extremely good at hiding their identity. Hence why this guide explains that even if you’re just going to LOOK at anything there you need to hide your identity. Everyone’s anonymous… The police know but can’t do much about it except wait for someone to slip up and find them.

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      If goes further than that. Just recently DWN Darkwebnews.com changed the comment section by not allowing anyone to put email , name or any web address.

      Before that people used to put their real name, real email, link to their Facebook and some times even their phone numbers. The comment form explicitly says that no contact information is allowed in the comment section but I guess they don’t just read or are idiots.

      People need to know that it’s easier to track them on the internet than, in some cases, in the real world. E.g. When you go to a shop and pay with cash the sales person does not know where you live.

      When you come to a website the owner knows the EXACT ip of the computer/ISP that can be traced back to you easily by the LE.

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    Ans ALSO, with the next step there after being to “open . . . favoritebrowser and then download TOR” . . . is that supposed to be somehow done through the OpneVPN protocol or pre-selected VPN, or alternatively, by simply re-opening the favorite browser directly and using it once again, for the TOR download, after having just previously closed such, along with all apps connecting to the internet (i.e., aforementioned)?

    This is a bit confusing with respect to the sequence and protocol thing, but I’d really like to understand.

    . . . If re-utilizing the favorite browser directly for the TOR download – is the execution of that process somehow hidden from the non-VPR service provider? OR, is the favorite browser somehow being accesses through the the VPN service provider, and if so, how, in effect, is that done, without the start and end points of the non-VPN browser being revealed, within the parameters of the utilization of that favorite browser, within the VPN?

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    • Anonymous

      everything is legal till you get caught … you are very slow indeed

    • Anonymous

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  738. Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

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        As an officer you legally can not tell someone that… No matter the agency that “work” and I seriously doubt that you do, you can’t attacka persons Constitutional rights, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t divulge information about even having a “list” if you were some kind of government agent.

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    The D-Web Exists So That There Is One Place In Our Universe That Does Not Thrive Due To Government Moderation And Criticism.

    I Hope It Lasts!
    Yes It Is Crazy, Yes It Is Sometimes Disgusting And Also “ILLEGAL” However Once You Feel That Spark Of Freedom, It Is Like Taking A Breath Of The Greatest Air In The World…NO… It Is Like A Drug.
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    • Anonymous

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    Ps. What’s the whole fucking point of remaining anonymous if people ask for ways to contact you? Or if you actually broadcasted your name to everyone here

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