North Korea Hack Compromises South Korea’s Military Blueprint

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As a result of a hack on a South Korean shipbuilding company, the country’s military blueprints have been compromised to its enemy, North Korea.

North Korea has been on the global watch list for a long time now. This is out of the mere fact that it has been testing powerful missiles in the midst of recent United Nations sanctions.

To make the country’s reputation even more sour to governments around the world, it is being alleged that North Korea has managed to hack into a the South Korean Defence Ministry, subsequently compromising its systems to gather sensitive military data.

For decades, North Korea has continuously risen higher in the role of being the world’s most controversial country, based the way the federal regime runs its governance and diplomatic relations.

And within the last few years, North Korea has been beefing up testing for ballistic missiles around its neighbouring countries, which has raised a lot of tension between North Korea and its immediate nations like South Korea, China and others.

Ranging from its governance to the brutality of its leader, Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s actions have not been in accordance with the standards of the world’s most developed nations.

This has contributed to the recent sanctions imposed on North Korea by the United Nations.

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The North Korea case has sprung war-mongering statements from powerful federal politicians and diplomats about a potential war with the country.

This year, U.S. President Donald Trump, together with his administration, strongly hinted military action against North Korea if the Kim Jong-un regime continues to threaten the livelihood of its neighboring countries.

Other political leaders are making statements of the same nature.

President Trump’s statements were not taken kindly by the Kim Jong-un administration. This raised even more war tension between North Korea and the U.S., together with all its allies.

The U.S. has been in the forefront to control the menace being posed by the Kim Jong-un administration. In the effort, the U.S. government has reached out to the nation of South Korea to be the base point to plan their militarization.

The relationship between South Korea and North Korea has not been friendly for the past few years. This is because of the fact that the U.S. has been working with South Korea’s military, by equipping it with more resources.

Silhouette of missiles against the background of the flag
South Korea and North Korea has not been friendly for the past few years.

The level of militarization being portrayed by the North Korean government is one that depicts war soon. This is the reason why drastic measures are required to mitigate any calamity that may result from the aftermath.

South Korea has offered its war shipbuilding company, Daewoo Shipbuilding, to help the American military combat the North Koreans.

Having this in mind, Kim Jong-un has been accused of using a group of hackers to penetrate into the company’s database and collect all the sensitive data. This led the shipbuilding company to lose a whole host of vital information to their purported enemy.

This is just because the coalition between the U.S. and South Korea has been termed as a threat by the Kim Jong-un’s administration.

The compromised information stolen in this hack has been seen as a big blow to the multinational effort to dismantle the North Korean regime.

Among the data stolen from Daewoo Shipbuilding as a result of the hacking by the purported North Koreans include 40,000 documents belonging to the company.

South Korea’s Defence Ministry has been hesitant to respond to the hacking allegations.

The number of classified documents that have been alleged to be compromised by the hackers associated with the South Korea is beyond what was previous thought.

This is just because no official report has been released to show the level of damage done by the hackers.

The Daewoo Shipbuilding breach by North Korea-related hackers was first discovered back in 2016.

The hacking compromised important classified documents about subjects as essential as South Korea’s war blueprints, weapon systems, shipbuilding technology and other crucial military testing data.

In recent history, South Korea has been on the defence side against North Korea, which has been testing ballistic missiles for an extended period without notice.

The mere threat from the Kim Jong-un’s administration has prompted the South Korean administration to boost support for Daewoo Shipbuilding.

This is mainly to expand its military strength and be able to defend itself externally.

Understanding the weakness in the company’s systems, Kim Jong-un is purported to have hired experienced hackers to penetrate into the company’s internal data.

The South Korean government did not come to the hard truth about the hacking by its neighbouring enemy until recently, when the government officially addressed the hack.

According to Rhee Cheol-hee, a South Korean lawmaker, the hackers were able to obtain about 235 GB of military data.

In addition to containing important information about South Korea’s military infrastructure, the stolen data also included classified details about the United States’ involvement in the global dispute against North Korea.

The U.S. Pentagon has declined to comment on the case regarding North Korea hacking into the shipbuilding company systems.

This has risen fears of the net effect on the stolen data to the combined military efforts of the United States and South Korea.

Even though the Kim Jong-un administration has not claimed responsibility for compromising the shipbuilding company, the evidence shows that the regime was likely involved.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Trump has been openly making statements via Twitter about the case against North Korea.

Amid the usual strongly worded string of tweets on the matter, Trump has stated that diplomacy may not be the cure to North Korea’s menace.

The level of militarization happening around the Korea region is alarming to world peace, simply because of the sheer magnitude of the treat nuclear missiles pose towards innocent people.

If the alleged hacking took place, the danger posed by Kim Jong-un’s administration by merely testing missiles overseas is significant.

The level of war tension will continually increase if diplomatic strategies cannot be used to solve the problem.

As long as the U.S.-South Korea military coalition continues to prepare for war, North Korea will keep on propagating its missile agenda as a way of defending itself.

It’s a big crisis that calls for quick intervention to bring quick remedy.



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