Fugitive Hacker, Activist Seeks Asylum in Mexico

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Anonymous’ has written an open letter to Mexico seeking asylum for Commander X from prosecution in the United States.

A hacker from the group known as Anonymous has been on the run for a long time now. This time around, Anonymous is asking the Mexican government for his asylum as the American government is pursuing him.

The hacker, Christopher Mark Doyon, is popularly known as Commander X. The nickname Commander X originated when Christopher was in his early 20s as a young activist and hacker.

He has been accused by the American government as being a notorious hacker who has taken down several county government websites. According to the Department of Justice, Commander X is charged with attacking sites through distributed denial of service.

Commander X has been in hiding in Canadian territory for several years prior to his relocation to Mexico. How he found himself in Canada is a crazy story that could be taken out of movies.

In 2011, Commander X was caught by agents of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and taken to a court of law. He was released on a bail before the case was finished and opted to flee to Canada.

According to Commander X, the American government is corrupt and tends to condemn other countries of human rights while not fully observing them themselves. He has been cited claiming the poor condition of American prisons.

Your TOR usage is being watched

On the day that Commander X was free from law enforcement, but knew his freedom was limited, he decided to run away from his hometown to Canada. His run came at a time when the court hearing was proceeding, and an arrest warrant was issued.

Commander X decided to cross the Canadian-American border a time when his health was deteriorating. Due to the arrest warrant, he would not use public transport in his cross-border travel.

The first time he tried to cross the border, he met a lot of challenges as he passed through bushes and forests with bears. Once in Canada, there was a man who had been informed about him and was waiting for a pickup point in a town near the border.

He has been in Canada for several years now, where he has been separated from his family. Being an activist and having a clear understanding of hacking, Doyon has written several books on controversial topics, including Anonymous.

For the almost five years that Commander X has been on the run from the United States government, his state of health has been deteriorating due to not being able to receive proper medical treatment.

The group of hackers which Commander X has led has taken good care of him all the time he has been up and running, though, included providing him with a lawyer that represented him in the U.S.

The final verdict of the case has not yet been decided, as Doyon fled the country while the trial was underway. The lawyer was also kept in the dark and not notified of his intention of fleeing to Canada.

The United States has been in the forefront in fighting hackers who have been and continue compromising various sectors of the government. This comes at a time when the United States has faced the worst era in terms of data breaches and hacking.

Presidential Election button pins
There speculations that Russian hackers meddled with the 2016 US’s Presidential Election

The allegation of Russian hackers being involved in meddling with the United States’ Presidential Election back in 2016 is still fresh in many Americans’ minds. The case brought a lot of speculation on the legality of the election of President Donald Trump.

The American government has also been a victim of hackers when security software Kaspersky was used by hackers to compromise the National Security Agency’s data.

This and many other events have led to the American government enforcing federal laws to govern the use of computers and compromising data. Those convicted in hacking cases have faced the full wrath of the law to show the seriousness of the matter.

Commander X has been on the run as he thinks the American government is not going to judge him fairly in accordance with the law. The culmination of these situations has prompted him to find a lasting solution to this problem by finding a friendly government to seek asylum with.

Commander X decided to cross international borders from Canada all the way to Mexico to seek asylum. Although the state of his health was continuing to deteriorate with time, he had to find a fast solution before American law enforcement caught up with him.

Commander X was lucky to be able to cross the American border and find himself in Mexico without raising the alarm to law enforcement. He preferred Mexico n consideration of its laws on cybercrime and the likelihood of him being pardoned and protected from the American government.

Upon arrival in Mexico side on Sunday, November 5th, Anonymous proceeded to publish a letter directed to the Mexican government with their request. They also went on to condemn the American justice system that has continually hunted him for prosecution.

They have requested the Mexican people and government accept their request and give him protection from the United States. Anonymous has explained to the Mexican government in the open letter that, if he returned to the United States of America, he would be jailed without a proper trial.

Although the Mexican government has not commented or replied to the request made at the time of writing, Anonymous remains positive on the matter. Though not disclosing his location until further notice of asylum or progress, he asserts that he is safe.

The United States government continues to hunt ‘Commander X’ so that he will face trial and the law as stipulated. As for now, only time will tell the results of Doyon’s case as he waits on Mexico’s reply.



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