Dark Overload Sought to Recruit Members Before Leaking 9/11 Documents

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Before its latest leak of stolen 9/11 documents, hacking group The Dark Overlord appears to have been actively recruiting employees on the dark web.

While it might sound counterintuitive, it appears as though the hacker group The Dark Overlord was actively seeking attention before its recent data dump related to the 9/11 attacks.

In fact, it appears as though the group was actively recruiting in darknet hacking forums in the months preceding the infamous data dump, which led the group to be banned on various platforms, even Steemit, which markets itself as a decentralized blogging service.

The hacking community is chock-full of free speech advocates, who were not thrilled about the fact that the group had been banned, even if they disagreed with the principles of The Dark Overlord.

Unlike other hacker groups that might hack for specific goals or causes, The Dark Overlord was quick to point out the financial benefits of working with the group.

They recruited various individuals with posts like “Do YOU want to get rich? Come work for us!” which is a quote from an actual post that the group made on Kickass, a hacking forum on the dark web.

Information About Recruitment

It’s not too surprising that The Dark Overlord was boasting about the financial benefits of working with them, considering how much the group pays.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Specifically, new employees would be paid 50,000 pounds every month, which is the equivalent of around $65,500 USD per month.

For some context, this is less than the average annual salary for United States citizens, meaning that the group offers a job that pays over 10x the average American salary.

The jobs demanded a certain amount of experience with both Linux and Windows, and promised a pay bump after two years, as well.

Interestingly enough, the ads were quite traditional, speaking about a “strong team-based environment” and stating that candidates should be “goal-oriented” and “used to objectives.”

Hacker Plagiarism?

Interestingly enough, the way that The Dark Overlord operates has led to accusations that they are imitating The Shadow Brokers, who are a well-known group of Russian hackers (supposedly) that published U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tools back in 2016. Many believe that this is even more evidence that the group is seeking attention.

Anonymous hacker group in black.
While it might sound counterintuitive, it appears as though the hacker group The Dark Overlord was actively seeking attention before its recent data dump related to the 9/11 attacks.

The Dark Overlord’s specific approach regarding the 9/11 materials in itself was very similar to what The Shadow Brokers have done, with regards to pricing and public relations.

Possible Arrest

Interestingly enough, a suspected member of The Dark Overlord was arrested in Serbia last year, although the group has denied that the individual is tied with the group.

The Serbian authorities did not release the individual’s full name, but instead stated that he was a 38 year-old individual with the initials “S.S”.

Unlike other hacking groups that might bond together for a specific goal, The Dark Overlord wasn’t ashamed to be vocal about the fact that they regularly engaged in criminal activity.

They have accepted hundreds of thousands in Bitcoin for extortion payments, and also were responsible for calling in threats to several schools throughout the United States.

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