Azorult Malware Advertised for Sale on Darknet Forums

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An upgraded version of stealer malware Azorult, now at version 3.3, is posted for sale in darknet markets and other encrypted forums.

Cybercrime has been greatly assisted by the free sale of hacking tools via the dark web.

Recently, an updated version of Azorult, a type of malware, has been reported to be on sale via darknet markets and encrypted forums.

It is said to be a Trojan horse that operates by compromising systems to steal vital user data and share it with remote hackers.

According to experts, the stealer software is installed using first-stage malware.

Using pre-installed features, the software corrupts the victim’s system, where it intensely searches for saved passwords mostly within browsers.

The other place where the malware attaches to find data is from browser cookies. It is also used by black hat hackers to compromise crypto-wallets in order to siphon stored coins into their anonymous wallets.

Your TOR usage is being watched

The malware is also well known for stealing personal desktops files, list of user-downloaded materials, usernames, the type of OS installed and even the computer name.

In order to remotely control the computer, the software also monitors the running processes at that time.

With all these capabilities in the wrong hands, the hackers are capable of doing anything according to their wish without the user’s knowledge.

Update History

Hacker tries to enter the system using codes and numbers to find out the security password.
Cybercrime has been greatly assisted by the free sale of hacking tools via the dark web.

The Azorult malware has been in use by most dark web users for quite a long period now.

Its developers have made several changes that will continue favoring the users.

However, there are notable things that have made the current version outdo the previous ones by far.

It was back in July when the Azorult malware was significantly updated to version 3.2 to meet the expectations of black hat hackers, primarily to enhance its stealing capabilities.

The malware is used in spreading other harmful malware that takes control of remote computers in different manners.

In October, the creators of the malware upgraded it from version 3.2 to the newly released 3.3.

According to researchers from Check Point, the malware is being advertised and resold through dark web platforms where it is even being sent via the RIG exploit kit.

There are notable changes on the newly released version, including a new way of encrypting the embedded C&C domain string.

The new version also offers users with a better method of stealing cryptocurrency. This is one of the major upgrades that is taking over most hackers who are after digital currencies.

Among the list of notable improvements include a lowered antivirus detection rate and a better admin control panel.

The loader capability feature was also upgraded where bat files can be used without errors.

These changes will make the malware more marketable.

Due to its open shell availability on the dark web, it is leaving potential victims around the world—mostly those who use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives—at risk.

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The main one will remain to avoid using unknown public Wi-Fi networks, which hackers are constantly taking advantage of in penetrating remote systems.

Security Measures to Possible Victims

With the cybercriminals upgrading their tactics to compromise computers worldwide to steal vital user data, it will be up to every computer user to keep guard of their security and mitigate the possible attacks by hackers.

The main one will remain to avoid using unknown public Wi-Fi networks, which hackers are constantly taking advantage of in penetrating remote systems.

It will also be up to every user to install a proper anti-malware software which will protect them from phishing scams.

The other major thing every computer user should be keen on is spam emails. They are constantly being used by hackers to propagate and hence penetrate their computers obliviously.

All these said, it will remain a game of cat and mouse and who is much ahead of the other, since the hacker community is devising new methods day in day and out to compromise computers remotely.

With the help of darknet markets and forums, these hacking tools are readily available at cheap prices, leaving average computer users at risk of being hacked.



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