Why Young Drug Dealers Prefer to Use the Dark Web

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A comprehensive look at what motivates young drug dealers to set up shop on the dark web.

The culture of being successful at a young age has been promoted for quite some time now in society, from young star athletes to whiz kids who develop a mobile application and become overnight millionaires.

The expectation put on young individuals to become successful quickly continues to grow. Wealthy lifestyles portrayed on television are quite attractive to young individuals.

Whereas this motivates them to work harder to achieve their goals, it has negative effects on young minds as some may try to find shortcuts to acquire wealth, resulting in being dubbed the ‘microwave generation.’

With the popularity growth of technology among young people, they tend to be more tech-savvy than older individuals and thus use this as a tool to acquire wealth legally or illegally.

Those who opt to engage in illegal activities tend to use the dark web, as it has provided a platform for criminals to engage anonymously. Most of the criminals in the dark web mainly engage in drug dealing activities, and this can be attributed to various factors.

Drug dealing is rampant in the dark web, and this is why law enforcement also has a heavy presence there.

Your TOR usage is being watched

Eliminating the Danger Factor

Ausking is a remarkably successful dark web vendor who has dealt with a large variety of drugs. He prides himself on offering top-notch quality products and services; this has enabled him to become one of the biggest and most respected vendors in Australia.

He had a 10/10 rating in AlphaBay prior to its shut down, and has since set up similar shops with other darknet markets.

In order to achieve such standards, Ausking upholds his beliefs in integrity, hard work, honesty, and quality. This contrasts with the stereotype that drug dealers are untrustworthy and violent. Other than the fact that the nature of his business is illegal, he seems to be running it akin to a regular business.

He believes violence is counterproductive to business, and that is why he set up shop on the dark web. Drug trade on the dark web eliminates the danger factor of violence and boasts a stable business environment. This is quite attractive to young drug dealers with little to no experience because they feel protected.

A Reliable Source of Product

Bruno Talora, a man from Townsville, Australia, was arrested under the suspicion of possession of drugs with intent to distribute. During the arrest, police searched his car and found drugs hidden in coffee bean packets and packaged in Australian post packaging. Upon further investigation, the drugs were found to be of the street value of about $13,000 to $22,000.

When charges were filed against him, he pleaded guilty to all of them but maintained that he did not have any intention of selling the drugs. However, when the police raided his home, they found documents which contained instructions on how to make a number of drugs. This helped them build a solid case against Mr. Talora.

Mr. Talora admitted to using the dark web to obtain drugs in order to avoid being duped into buying fake drugs. Vendors have devised new methods to reach their customers through various social media platforms, though this method is also being used by scammers.

Direct contact between vendors and customers has seen the business soar to new heights. Involvement of an escrow, which holds the money until the product reaches the buyer, has helped business; this grows trust between buyers and sellers, resulting in an increased amount of transactions.

Reliability of vendors on the dark web has also attracted young drug dealers who are new to the business.


A young man was sentenced to four years in prison by a judge in a US District Court in Seattle. Tristan Simpson Brennand, 22 years old at the time, is from Tumwater, Washington.

Mr. Brenndan caught the attention of police in January 2015 when reports of him dealing drugs on the dark web reached them. Later in March of the same year, police searched his residence and seized drugs, cash and drug dealing equipment such as scales.

In December 2015, Mr. Brenand was arrested. Upon further investigation, it revealed that he was distributing the drugs in darknet markets such as Agora and Evolution, which have since been brought down.

Mr. Brennand attributed his drug dealing to his addiction. He was referred to a treatment facility to help him get over his addiction.

However, he showed up to the facility with drugs which he intended to sell to other addicts. He was removed from the facility and taken to a Federal Detention Center.

While at the detention center, he tried to continue his business outside the premises through a woman. This demonstrates to what extent drug users who do not want help would go to quench their addiction.

Misplaced Ingenuity

Hand out to send money to buy the drugs
Young people are continuously being drawn to criminal actions on the dark web, seeing as the dark web offers anonymity and some perks that other get-rich-quick schemes don’t offer.

Cornelis Jan Slomp, aka SuperTrips, 23 at the time, was sentenced to ten years in prison by a judge in Chicago.

Upon his arrest, Mr. Slomp pleaded guilty and admitted to having sold more drugs than anyone on Silk Road prior to its takedown.

Despite the fact that he is well-educated, landed a great job and was in a stable relationship, he still engaged in drug dealing activities. He attributed it to his addiction and somehow found a way to console himself as he was doing the business.

Even though he cooperated with law enforcement during the investigation and was ready to help build a case against Silk Road’s founder Ross William Ulbricht, the judge still gave him a long sentence because there was no excuse for his actions.

The mastermind behind Shiny flakes, Maximilian S., 20 years old at the time of sentencing, was given a 7-year sentence. He developed the online platform and made it overly easy for consumers to get drugs over the website.

Though what he pulled off is quite impressive for a person his age, he still committed a crime that was seen as deserving of the multi-year punishment by the court.

He put his ingenuity to use in assisting illegal activities rather than pursuing productive endeavors which would be beneficial to him and others. This may be seen as quite a waste of competent skills.

Not all the examples used are of young drug dealers, but they are drug dealers nonetheless and the motivations are quite similar.

Young people are continuously being drawn to criminal actions on the dark web, seeing as the dark web offers anonymity and some perks that other get-rich-quick schemes don’t offer.

However, one has to be cautious due to the heavy law enforcement and scammer presence. In a world of criminal activities, success is normally short lived.



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