Synthetic Opiates Sold on the Dark Web to Finance ISIS Activities

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Law enforcement officials in Italy have seized a batch of opiates allegedly being sold on the dark web by ISIS members.

ISIS is well known for terror activities. However, it is difficult to identify the financers of the group.

The source of income used to expand and fund ISIS’ operations has been identified to be funds generated from the sale of drugs and illegal ammunition on the dark web.

Drug trade on the dark web has become the order of the day. Many terror groups currently use the dark web as the major platform for selling drugs considering the high level of anonymity it provides, which in turn helps them raise a certain amount of funds to finance their activities.

Italy, through its police force, managed to seize 24 million tablets of prescription opiates that ISIS militants had planned to sell a dark web platform with the primary aim of raising funds to finance the group’s activities across the world.

The pills were seized in a container in the port of Gioia Tauro by customs officials. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) actively participated in the investigation.

There was clear evidence of how the drug enforcement unit and law enforcement officials managed to seize the drugs. The container was filled with boxes of a powerful painkiller known as Tramadol, which is usually only available in prescription form.

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The haul was estimated to be worth 50 million euros with an average sale of €2 per tablet. The court identified the drugs to belong to ISIS members, and it was pointed out that the drugs were to be used to finance the organization’s groups in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

The dark web has become the major avenue ISIS uses to sell products, including illegal ammunition, with the sole purpose of raising a substantial amount of income which will be used to support their activities on a global level.

ISIS militants have become a major threat to many nations, as they are behind the majority of terror attacks experienced around the world.

They are able to fund their activities through the sale of drugs and other illegal items, such as weapons, in the dark web since the network provides them with a certain level of protection considering the necessary precautions needed to ensure that the degree of anonymity is high.

At the same time though, global drug enforcement units have become more informed about ISIS’ presence on the dark web.

And with smart strategies laid down, a number of drug dealers affiliated with the organization have been busted.

Terrorist menacing western countries on a tape. Concept about terrorism and hybrid warfare
ISIS is well known for terror activities. However, it is difficult to identify the financers of the group.

It has also been identified that ISIS recently launched its own secure communications platform. The app allows them to message each other anonymously using message encryption techniques to avoid any detection or a leak of their chats.

In this way, they are able to plan and execute how the products in the dark web are delivered to their consumers with minimum interference from the federal police and drug enforcement units.

Drug buyers pay the militant groups money through digital payments systems and by using cryptocurrency, which is hard to trace via the channel used.

Therefore, ISIS members have established a strong cover to ensure that their tracks are covered from the feds.

Drugs are known to generate huge sums of revenue which supplements the income generated from oil and air travel. The drugs are transported in bulk in sealed containers, and the consumers of the drugs are only able to place their orders through the dark web which ensures that there is no physical contact between them.

ISIS members have highly invested in operations via the dark web, considering the fact that it allows them to carry out illegal activities with minimum interference and detection.

The drug market has grown bigger due to the online presence of drug-trading platforms. The anonymity of the dark web has enhanced the growth despite the countless high-profile busts and scams.

ISIS militants have taken advantage of the fact that they can carry out illicit activities without being noticed. However, global drug enforcement units have established a better system to control the activities.

Several vendors in markets such as the Silk Road, Trade Route and AlphaBay, which was shut down by law enforcement recently, have been identified to be associated with ISIS militants.

The group has taken a major step by investing in the dark web since it enables them to raise huge sums of money in a quick and easy way.

Compared to the act of selling drugs physically, the dark web reduces the risk of the group’s members getting exposed since they have limited interaction with their clients.

In conclusion, the container which was seized and identified to contain Tramadol, one of the most powerful painkillers, was said to have been ordered and sold through the dark web.

However, it was difficult to know the actual identity of the individuals despite the fact that it was said to belong to ISIS members.

Reports indicate that a quarter of the funds used to finance ISIS activities across the world is obtained from the sale of illicit drugs via the dark web.

However, the drug enforcement units are working day and night to ensure that the individuals responsible are arrested.



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